Trademark Registration Services

Trademark Registration Services

Carson Patents provides all trade and service mark registration services needed to help you get and keep your business name and logo protected. You can get help to protect brand names, slogans, and logos with our experts at Carson Patents. Our attorneys can file trade and service mark registration applications for you. We follow our 4 steps to register providing clarity every step of the way.

Additionally, we are able to help with responding to office actions from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). In other words, if you started filing yourself and have run into trouble or just want help getting it completed, we can help. Also, we can help you maintain an existing registration (monitoring and timely paying ongoing maintenance fees).

Trade and Service Marks Protect Brand Names, Slogans, and Logos.

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What are Trade and Service Marks

Carson Patents offers searching, registration, and renewal services for trade and service marks. Trade and service marks protect brand names, slogans, and logos used on goods and services. You can use your mark before you register it. In fact, having it already used in commerce can help make the registration application process faster. We follow our 4 step process to register marks. Using your mark before registration is okay and can help lead to registration unless it infringes on existing marks. Read more on our what is a trademark page.

If you want to be sure your name, slogan, and/or logo can be registered, we can help with a business name search before you start to use it. This search is our first step in registration. Read more about marks and successfully register your mark with our 4 steps.

Important Tip:

To protect your registered trade and service marks with ease, consider hiring a monitoring service or an attorney to monitor and maintain your registered marks.

4 Steps To Register A Trademark
4 Steps To Trademark

4 Steps to Trademark a Logo or Business Name

Carson Patents has a 4 step process we follow to apply and get trade and service marks registered. You can follow our steps to get your own mark registered. Check out our 4 steps.

The four steps to registration are: [1] business name search, [2] write application, [3] submit application, and [4] respond to examiner. We start with the business search. If the mark is not already taken, then we write and file an application to get it registered. Prosecution is responding to letters from the USPTO to address any issues raised in the application. Also, we are available to help if you started on your own and now need help.

Important Tip:

Always conduct a business name search prior to investing in the use of a name, slogan, or logo. Even accidental use of the registered brand property of another is trademark infringement.

The cost to register a logo, brand, or business name depends on the kind of mark and the number of classes. You can file to register and protect both the words of a name as well as a stylized logo version with special formatting. Filing an application for your logo, brand, or business name will cost between $250 and $750 per class plus attorney fees. Carson Patentsʼ typical attorney fees are between $500 – $2500 to conduct the business name search and to prepare, file, and monitor your application at the USPTO through the receipt of the review of the examining attorney. Read more about the costs to register a trademark.

Important Tip:

While any combination of business names, logos, slogans, and audio clips can be registered, each requires its own application and filing fee.

IP Attorney help available Online

Carson Patentsʼ attorneys can help you register your logo(s), business name, slogan, and/or audio clips. We offer a free consultation to discuss your intellectual property needs to protect your brand identity. Consultations typically help determine the best steps to take to move forward towards registration for your trade and/or service marks. Contact us to get your marks registered or for help fixing applications you started on your own.

Trademark Registration Services
Trademark Services