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About Us: We are a California Corporation. Carson Patents provides patent application, trademark registration, and copyrighting services in the United States (U.S.) and internationally. We are inventor owned and operated by an engineer turned patent attorney. We are licensed to file and prosecute patent and trademark applications at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO).

Our primary focus is to provide professional expert patent application services for utility and design inventions. We write and file both provisional and non-provisional patent applications. We are licensed to file and prosecute U.S. national and international (PCT & Hague) patent applications. Contact us to start our 5 steps to seeking patent protection for your invention. Get your invention patent pending with our patent help.

Inventions & Ideas Welcome

Private Inventors. Start-Ups. Enterprise Clients. Small Businesses. Entrepreneurs. We provide online utility, plant, and design invention patenting services using our 5 steps to patent. Carson Patents’ five steps to patenting starts with the prior art search. If the invention is patentable, we then write and file the patent application. Once the application is properly filed, the invention is patent pending. The last step is to prosecute the application. Prosecution for patent applications is communicating with the USPTO to advance an application through examination. We provide patenting services for utility and design inventions. We also offer pro se help patenting services for inventors who want to represent their own inventions. Contact us to consult options for protecting your invention.

Our Patent Services Team

About Us – We are a Team with a Speciality

Carson Patentsʼ team of experts has the common goal of bringing your inventions to life. We work to ensure that everyone can be included in global innovation and the sharing of new ideas. Moreover, we work to make sure those new ideas are protected. Carson Patents offers intellectual property legal services for patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Our leadership team, however, is focused on patent applications for new inventions and ideas.

We Stay in Our Lane

The Carson Patents Leadership Team specializes in writing and prosecuting patent applications. We write new patent applications for inventions and prosecute them to allowance or final rejection. Our leadership team is focused on representing new inventions in patent applications. We specialize in working with inventors to seek patent protection for their inventions. Seeking patent protection starts with a prior art search and a patentability study. This research and evaluation is done to provide us with a reasonable good faith based belief that the claims of the new invention are allowable in a patent. There are no guarantees, but we only write patent applications that we believe are patentable.

We Write and Prosecute Patent Applications

We work directly with inventors to search for prior art and determine if we can write a set of allowable claims to protect the invention with a patent. If the invention is patentable, we write the claims, create the drawings, write the specification, write the abstract, complete all necessary/proper forms, and submit the patent application. When the patent prosecution begins, we monitor and receive communications from the USPTO and work with you to respond to office actions (letters).

USPTO Registered – Intellectual Property Attorneys

The following links are to learn more about us and the intellectual property professional titles of our team members. Our patent licenses allow us to work with the USPTO, WIPO, and the patent application offices all over the world. In countries or regions where our staff cannot represent directly, we maintain professional relationships with some of the best intellectual property attorneys around the world to ensure that we can offer worldwide services for our inventors and clients.

About Carson Patents – Inventor Centric Patent Application Focused

Inventions change the world. Protect them with us.

Carson Patents®

New for 2023: Carson Patents can write and file accelerated examination patent applications under the USPTO’s Accelerated Examination Program for both utility and design patent applications. This USPTO program is meant to get to a final decision regarding allowance and issue, or rejection, within 12 months by adding a pre-examination search, an accelerated examination support document (AESD), and an examiner interview with the patent examiner.

U.S. and International Remote Online IP Processing

We write, file, and prosecute utility, plant, and design patent applications online at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and at World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). We can get your application filed an any country of the world. We also file registrations for U.S. trademarks at the USPTO, and internationally at WIPO under the Madrid Protocol. And, we file registrations for U.S. copyrights at the U.S. Copyright Office, and internationally at WIPO under the Berne Convention.

U.S. – Patent Applications

  • USPTO online filing at – Patent Center – for U.S. utility, plant, and design patent applications.

International – Patent Applications

International Utility and Plant Patenting

  • WIPO online filing at – PCT Applications – for international plant and utility patent applications. Note that it is usually the case where international PCT patent applications are filed at the USPTO in order for the USPTO to be the International Search Authority for the application.

International Design Patenting

  • WIPO online filing at – Hague Applications – for international design patent applications.

U.S. – Trademark Registrations

  • USPTO online filing at – TEAS – for U.S. trademark registration.

International – Trademark Registrations

  • WIPO online fling at – Madrid – for international trademark registration. Note that in order to file for international trademark registration you must first have a trademark issued by our country.

U.S. – Copyright Registrations

  • US Copyright Office at – – for U.S. copyright registration.

International – Copyright Registrations

  • WIPO online filing at – PROOF under the Berne Convention – for international copyright proof.