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What Is A Patent Attorney Faq

What is a Patent AttorneY? – What is a Patent Lawyer?

A Patent Attorney (Lawyer) is a person who is licensed and registered by the patent office. In the United States, patent lawyers are licensed and registered by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Patent attorneys are able to represent others before the USPTO and prosecute patent applications – just like a patent agent. Unlike a patent agent, a patent attorney also has a license to practice law under a state law bar. Our attorney is Gregory Carson, he is licensed in California. Read more about Greg.

How Much Does A Patent Attorney Cost

How much does a patent attorney cost?

How much it costs for a patent attorney varies by the service needed and the complexity and type of the invention. Hourly fees range $300 – $1000. Luckily, like Carson Patents, most offer fixed cost patent services for prior art searching, writing and filing applications, and prosecuting pending patents (working with the patent office to get the application allowed).

The first service most inventors need is a prior art search and patentability study to find out of the invention can be patented. Hiring a patent attorney for a patent search and patentability opinion will cost $1000 – $3000 depending on the complexity of the invention. At Carson Patents most searches are $1200 including the patentability study and opinion. Check out our 25% off search deal.

The second service is writing and filing the patent application. (The invention must be patentable.) For most inventions you should expect to pay $3000 – $5000 plus filing fees for a patent attorney to write and file a patent application for your invention. At Carson Patents the cost of patent drawings, figures, and flowcharts is included.

The third service is for when the invention is patent pending There are also costs associated with responding to office actions and making amendments. You should expect to pay $1000 – $2000 for compete and proper response to a typical office action. Finally, if the USPTO allows the claims, there is also the cost of paying the issue fee. You should expect to pay up to $1500 for paying the issue fee.

The above dollar amounts are only estimates based our average fees quoted for patent services. The cost to patent each invention is obviously individual to that invention because all inventions are unique. Read more about patent costs.

What Is The Difference Between A Patent Agent And A Patent Attorney

What is the difference between a Patent Agent and Patent Attorney?

The difference between a patent agent and patent attorney is a license to also practice law. Both a patent agent and a patent attorney are patent practitioners and licensed to practice before the USTPO to represent inventions and prosecute patent applications. A licensed patent attorney can also practice law in at least one state. The license to practice law is not part of representing inventions before the USPTO and prosecuting patent applications. In other words, being a lawyer does not count when is comes to seeking patent protection for an invention.

Patent licenses are derived from engineering degrees or graduate degrees in specific subjects, not law degrees. Moreover, to become licensed to practice patenting, there is a separate exam. In the same way that an attorney must pass a bar exam to practice law, there is a separate registration exam to become licensed to practice before the USPTO. It is referred to as the Patent Bar. Generally, the way to qualify to sit (take) the Patent Bar is to have a degree in engineering or have about 40 semester hours in a subject.

Licensed To Patent Worldwide Online Ip Faq

Licensed to Patent – Online IP Processing & More

Here at Carson Patents we are able to offer the complete range of intellectual property transactions online. We are able to offer patent application processing for your inventions with the USPTO, and the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) all online.

Our patent attorney can search for prior art, write, file, and prosecute your patent application all online. Documents are transferred by email. The entire patenting process can happen from the comforts of your workshop or home. We are also available to help with reduction to practice engineering assistance for our inventors. We work with US and International patent applications. Best of all, we offer a free 30 minute consultation to discuss patenting your invention.