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What is a Patent Attorney?

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In the United States, a Patent Attorney (Lawyer) is a person who is licensed and registered by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). They are able to represent others before the office and prosecute patent applications – just like a patent agent. Unlike a patent agent, a patent attorney also has a license to practice law under a state law bar. Our attorney is Gregory Carson, he is licensed in California. Read more about Greg.

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Difference Between A Patent Agent And A Patent Attorney

What is the Difference Between a Patent Agent and a Patent Attorney?

Both a patent agent and a patent attorney are patent practitioners and licensed to practice before the USTPO. A licensed patent attorney can also practice law in at least one state. Moreover, to become licensed to practice patenting, there is a separate exam. In the same way that an attorney must pass a bar exam to practice law, there is a separate exam to become licensed to practice before the USPTO: the Patent Bar. Generally, the way to qualify to sit (take) the Patent Bar is to have a degree in engineering or have about 40 semester hours in a subject.