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The fifth step to patenting an invention is prosecuting the application (patent prosecution). Patent prosecution is communicating with the USPTO seeking to put the application in a condition for allowance. Generally, prosecution services are one of these three activities: [1] representing a patent application through examination (responding to office actions), [2] appealing an examination decision, or [3] conducting opposition, reissue, or reexamination proceedings. Prosecution happens after an invention is patent pending.

Our USPTO registered patent attorney works with prosecuting both before and after a patent is granted. We provide all pre-grant patent services for pending patent applications and post grant patent services for patented inventions needed to seek and maintain patent protection for your invention.

What is patent prosecution strategy? Good prosecution strategy starts in writing and filing a complete and proper first application. Good claims, specification, and drawings are the best strategy.

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Inventor Tip: There are several ways of getting patent applications prosecuted faster. Read more about getting your patent application prosecuted faster in our article on accelerating patent applications.

Entrepreneur Tip: We can write and file accelerated examination patent applications under the USPTO’s Accelerated Examination Program for both utility and design patent applications. This USPTO program is meant to get to a final decision regarding allowance and issue, or rejection, within 12 months by adding a pre-examination search, an accelerated examination support document (AESD), and an examiner interview with the patent examiner.

6 Benefits of Hiring a Patent Attorney to Prosecute your Inventions Patent Application

  1. Expertise and Knowledge: Patent attorneys are specialized legal professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in patent law. They are trained to understand the complex legal requirements for obtaining a patent and can provide guidance on patentability, infringement, and licensing issues.
  2. Better Chances of Approval: Patent attorneys have a thorough understanding of the patent application process and can ensure that all necessary paperwork is properly completed and filed. They can also help to draft the claims and specifications to maximize the chances of approval by the patent office.
  3. Avoiding Mistakes: The patent application process can be complex and confusing. Patent attorneys can help you avoid common mistakes that could lead to your application being rejected or delayed. This can save you time and money in the long run.
  4. Protection of Intellectual Property: Patent attorneys can help to protect your intellectual property rights by identifying potential infringers and taking legal action to prevent them from using your invention without permission.
  5. Increased Value of Your Patent: A well-drafted patent application can increase the value of your invention and make it more attractive to potential investors, licensees, or buyers.
  6. Legal Advice: Patent attorneys can provide legal advice on a range of patent-related issues, including licensing, patent litigation, and infringement disputes.
Patent Attorney help Communicating with the Patent Office

Online Patent Prosecution and Patent Related Actions and Petition Filing

Patent Center controls electronic application filing at the USPTO. Importantly, filing an application in Patent Center requires an online account. The account will also permit tracking of the application. An online account is available for free on the Patent Center page.

We provide patent prosecution with the USPTO and WIPO. The USPTO accepts utility, design, and plant patent applications. WIPO accepts both PCT (utility and plant) and Hague (design) patent application prosecution documents filed directly. Patent application help for responding to USPTO Office Actions from a USPTO licensed patent lawyer, from $480.

Inventor Tip: When looking for expert patent prosecution help only a USPTO licensed patent attorney or patent agent can prosecute patents for you.