Carson Patents provides patenting services for utility, design, and plant patent applications. Read more about what is a patent. We provide all services needed for both United States (U.S.) patent applications and for International Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) patent pending applications. Read about determining patent value.

Patent Attorney Help With Utility Patents Applications

Utility Patent Application Services

A utility patents application seeks protection for what an invention does – the function/use. We work with both U.S. and PCT (international) applications to seek protection of your invention where you need it protected. In addition, for patents in the US, our utility application services include provisional applications and non-provisional applications for utility inventions. Furthermore, to get patent help, start the steps to a utility patent for your invention.

Patent Attorney Help With Design Patent Applications

Design Patent Application Services

A design patents application seeks protection for inventive ornamental design – the appearance/look. We work with both U.S. and Hague (international) applications to seek protection for your invention where you need it protected. In addition, our design application services include non-provisional applications for design inventions or your invention’s design. Furthermore, to get patent help, start the steps to patent an inventive unique design.

Patent Attorney Help With Plant Patent Applications

Plant Patent Application Services

A plant patents application seeks protection for new plant matter. In sum, we can help with patent pending, provisional, and non-provisional plant applications. We work with both U.S. and International (PCT) plant applications. Also, we can help with Continuation, Continuation in Part, Divisional, and Substitute Applications. We offer affordable plant application services by a USPTO Registered Patent Practitioner (patent attorney) following our five step process.

Read more about types of U.S. patent applications at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Read more about “international” PCT patent applications at the World Intellectual Property Office.

Patent Application And Patent Services
Patent Services

Patent Services for all 3 Types of Patents to Protect Inventions

Carson Patents offers all patenting legal services needed to seek a protection for your invention, and to maintain and protect your intellectual property. We provide remote online expert professional help for inventors with utility, plant, and design inventions. Additionally, we can also provide trademark registration and maintenance services to seek and maintain protection for brands, business names, slogans, logos, and audio clips. We also provide Pro Se Patent Help.

Patent Confidentiality. Invention disclosures to USPTO Registered Patent Practitioners are covered by client controlled privilege. You are free to discuss your invention with a licensed patent practitioner.

Important Tip: When looking for expert patenting services help only a USPTO registered patent attorney or patent agent can prosecute patents for you in the US.