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Carson Patents offers online patent help, trademark help, and copyright help. We strive to ensure you are informed and get answers to your questions. We do this because we believe that well informed inventors make better decisions about how to protect their intellectual property. Please feel free to schedule a consultation for any of your intellectual property protection needs. Simply select the kind of consultation that best meets your needs by clicking the appropriate button below.

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Unsure about which one of our services is right for you? We can help. For inventors, click on patent services to learn more about our patenting services including utility, plant, and design patents. For entrepreneurs and business owners, we also provide trademark and copyright services to protect brands and original works. Click on a service to learn more. Carson Patents wants to ensure that our clients can protect their intellectual property with ease, so we offer a free consultation for each of our service areas for your convenience.

Our three legal service areas are: 1. services for seeking patent protection for inventions, 2. services to provide trademark registration for business names, slogans, and logos, and 3. services to provide copyright registration services. We offer both U.S. services and international services. Information about the international versions of patenting, trademarking, and copyrighting is on each respective service page. Importantly, there are links for free consultations on each of the services pages, and there is a free consultations link at the bottom of all pages on our website.