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Contact Carson Patents for a quote or to discuss utility and design patent services options, confidential online help. We can advise on best next steps to patenting for your invention.

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Private Inventors. Start-Ups. Enterprise Clients. Small Businesses. Entrepreneurs. Online utility & design invention patenting services using our four steps to patenting. Carson Patents four steps to patenting starts with the search. If the invention is patentable, next we write, and file the patent application. Once the application is properly filed the invention is patent pending. The last step is to prosecute the application. Prosecution for patent applications is communicating with the USPTO to advance an application through examination. We provide patenting services for utility and design inventions. We also offer, self help patenting services. Contact us to discuss options for protecting your invention.

Patenting is a complex process. Prior art searching is complicated and time consuming. Patent application writing a thorough, complete, properly formatted specification includes a well written descriptionclaims, and abstract that fully describe to a person skilled in the art how to make and use the invention. A patent is about its claims, but often drawings are needed to show clearly what it is in the description. Both the specification and drawings have prescribed formatting, layout, organizational structure, and submittal requirements. Filing and prosecuting patent applications is governed by many, many rules and procedures.

We highly recommend USPTO Registered Patent Practitioner help when seeking patent protection for your invention. Carson Patents offers our four steps to patenting. We first search to be sure the invention is patentable. If it is we writefile, and prosecute a patent application for your invention. We provide all patenting services needed to seek patent protection for your invention. Contact us to talk about affordable patenting options.


Disclosures to patent agents are covered by client controlled privilege. Information disclosed about an invention cannot be used or shared without your permission. Patent agents hold the same basic professional liability insurance as that held by attorneys, just limited to the practice of patent prosecution. 

We ensure confidentiality of our patenting services by doing all prior art searching, patent application writing, patent application filing, and patent application prosecution in-house. 

At the patent office, newly filed applications are treated as confidential for about 18 months. After this initial period, patent applications are published by the USPTO (AppFT database). In other words, patent pending applications are not public for about a year and a half, but then applications are published. Issued patents are made available to public by the USPTO (PatFT database). Communication with Carson Patents is confidential. Contact us to start the steps to patenting for your invention.

Important TIP: When looking for confidential online patenting services help, note only a Patent Attorney or Patent Agent can prosecute patents. Hire Carson Patents as your Patent Practitioner.

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