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Patent Services Office/Firm – Online Expert. Welcome! We offer affordable professional patent services for Utility and Design Patents – US and International (PCT & Hague) Applications – by a USPTO Registered Patent Agent.

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Confidentiality is Important! Carson Patents does not outsource any part of our prior art searching services. We ensure confidentiality of our services by doing all prior art searching, application writing, filing, and prosecution in-house. 

How to Apply for a Patent

Applying for a patent is a complex and involved process that can take years to complete. At Carson Patents your patent practitioner will work the following four steps in close coordination with you to seek protection for your invention.

Step 1: Check for Prior Art.

Be sure you know what else is out there in the world like your idea or invention. Carson Patents will always start with a professional Prior Art Search. This will inform about the products, inventions, and research that are similar to your invention or idea. It offers insight into novelty and patentability. Further, it helps inform on what to address when writing the patent application’s description and claims sections in particular. We also offer Patentability and Infringement Studies that can include prior art searching. These studies analyze the claims of patents and patent applications.

Step 2: Write the best description (specification).

Patent Application Writing is next. Once your practitioner knows what you are likely to be facing as prior art, he or she can write a good patent application. Good searching enhances application writing, and can reduce or eliminate potential rejections and objections, saving you money. A quality search will make all the difference in writing an application. An application must be properly written for patent office submission.

Step 3: File the patent application.

After prior art searching and the claim patentability study has led to a properly written application description, claims, and drawings (if needed), it is time to file the application. We provide Patent Application Filing, and can file an application ready to file, right now, if needed (we are available for clients 24 hours a day). We can file any type of patent application. Provisional or Non-Provisional, Utility, Design, Plant, US, or International (PCT, Hague).

Step 4: Prosecute the patent application.

The final step is Patent Prosecution. While it does happen that an application is submitted and the first office action is a notice of allowance, this is not at all usual. Usually the USPTO will have a few things to say about even the best prepared applications. The reason is simple, they examine each and every detail to be sure that it is patentable, and, if it is, they require the application to clearly and accurately communicate what the patentable invention is and exactly how to make and use it. The USPTO has a fully disclosed process and procedure for examining patent applications. Patenting is a complex process, and we highly recommend professional patent practitioner help. Contact Us to talk about affordable patenting options and choices to protection your invention.

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Important TIP: When looking for expert patent services from a Patents Office or IP/Patents Law Firm – Remember only Patent Attorneys and Patent Agents can prosecute patents. Hire Carson Patents for your affordable online USPTO Registered Patent Practitioner help.