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Our patent search deal is an extensive prior art search, and patentability evaluation for your invention by a USPTO Registered Patent Attorney. The total cost is only $900! – a $300 savings. We provide affordable patenting search help that is available online. A complete patentability analysis, report, and consultation is included. The report is an analysis of the presented invention in view of the prior art.

Our USPTO Registered Patent Attorney will conduct the search and perform the patentability evaluation. We can provide a completed IDS (Information Disclosure Statement) as part of our patent search services. This expert search includes searching through the same data sources used by the patent office examiners when they search for prior art. All searching with our patent search deal at Carson Patents includes copies of prior art (patent, patent application, and non-patent literature) documents.


  • We do need a complete disclosure of the invention before we can start the search. You can pay for the search, but we do reserve the right to change the appointment time if needed so that we can fully understand the invention before we begin the search.
  • A signed client engagement letter is required before Carson Patents agrees to work with your invention. If you do not yet know the Carson Patents docket number for your invention we recommend you contact us or schedule a free patent consultation before you pay for a prior art search and patentability evaluation.

Important Tip: Proper searching is essential to proper patent specification writing. Searching guides good claim writing by finding existing similar claims.

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A prior art search is research to find all the products and inventions similar to an invention that you want to patent. It is done to determine if your idea or invention claim is disclosed in the existing patents, patent applications, and non patent literature from around the world. In other words, it is done to find out whether the invention (or an obvious precursor) is already written about somewhere in the world. Carson Patents has experience searching all types and kinds of inventions. Order a patent search deal to start the steps to patent your invention.

The prior art search is called many things. For example, it is also called a USPTO patent search and a google patent search. A professional search by a licensed patent practitioner is highly recommended, but searching yourself is important too. There is more to it than a U.S. patent number search on google patents, but it is a pretty straightforward process. Click the button below to read more about how to do a prior art search.

NOTE: All patentability studies and prior art searches from Carson Patents can include a completed Information Disclosure Statement (IDS). The IDS is a required part of a complete patent application. Contact us to start a patent search.

Similar to the prior art search, a novelty or patentability search is a prior art search to find out whether an invention’s claims are new and patentable. This kind of prior art search is usually completed before the inventor files a patent application. A novelty or patentability study is always recommended before applying for patent protection. At Carson Patents we include a patentability evaluation with our prior art search with our patent search deal. Contact us to start the 5 steps to patent for your invention.

Prior Art Search Deal Available Online

Important Tip: When looking for a utility patent application services expert online, only patent attorneys and patent agents can prosecute patents for you.

Patent Confidentiality. Invention disclosures to patent practitioners are covered by client controlled privilege. In other words, you are free to discuss the details of your invention with a licensed patent attorney or patent agent in the same way that you could talk to a lawyer about a contract or divorce. Carson Patents patent help online.