What is A Copyright

Protect Your Intellectual Property

Protect Your Intellectual Property

How Can You Protect you Intellectual Property?

First, what is intellectual property (IP)? Basically, IP can be defined as a literary/artistic work, invention, symbol, or anything else that results from creativity. Depending on the type of intellectual property, there are three different ways to gain protection.

Copyrights Ip Protection

Copyrights – Copyright Works

Firstly, a copyright, by definition, is the protection of literary or artistic works. For example, some copyrighted works are films, novels, poems, songs, lectures, plays, choreography, drawings, paintings, sculptures, architecture, maps, and many other artistic/literary works. Also, a copyright is commonly identified by the “©” symbol.

Trademarks Ip Protection

Trademarks – Trademark Logos, Business Names, Slogans, Audio Clips

Secondly, a trademark protects brand names and logos used on goods and services. Trademarkable intellectual property are things such as titles, names, short phrases, slogans, symbols, listings of contents or ingredients, variations of font and coloring. For example, our name, Carson Patents®, uses the “®” symbol to recognize the trademark registered name. In addition, if an owner claims an unregistered mark, they may be able to use the “TM” symbol.

Patents Ip Protection

Patents – Patent New Inventions

Lastly, a patent, put simply, is protection of a new invention. There are three types of patents: utility (function of invention), design (appearance of invention), and plant (botanical). For example, patentable intellectual property, broadly, are ideas, procedures, methods, systems, processes, concepts, principles, or discoveries.

Wipo Proof


WIPO PROOF is an online tool used to protect intellectual property across the world. The system creates a “globally recognized digital fingerprint” (tamper-proof evidence) for your artistic works, designs, and inventions to secure your WIPO file. This system is intended to digitally store proof that your creations existed in one place easily and affordably. PROOF is very simple to use. A unique digital fingerprint is created in seconds from your file. WIPO PROOF then time stamps, signs with a private key, and verifies with a public key to create a “token.” A WIPO PROOF token provides secure proof of your creation for 5 years. Premium Certificates (more “formal” proof on paper) are also available.


Evidence: the unique digital fingerprint is generated from your electronic file, date/time stamped, signed with a private key, and verified with a public key to create secured registered proof of almost any electronic file.

Confidentiality: the fingerprint is generated in your browser (the file is not uploaded). The token provides unalterable proof of date/time stamped evidence of your file.

Cost Effective: it costs less than $30 to get a token or premium certificate and is free to verify proof with token.

Dispute Resolution: use the token to show immediate proof online through the globally trusted WIPO.

Use WIPO PROOF to securely and easily protect your works across multiple countries. For more information, visit WIPO.