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Inventor Focused Help

Carson Patents works directly with inventors and entrepreneurs.

Patent Services Team
Our Patent Services Team: Cassie, Greg, And Melly

Inventor Owned and Operated

Greg Carson, founder of Carson Patents, is a USPTO registered patent practitioner, attorney, inventor, and engineer. Motivated by his passion for helping fellow inventors, Greg’s patenting experience includes a wide range of utility and design inventions as well as biomedical, electrical, and mechanical engineering and software inventions. About Greg.

Invention Ready
Invention Ready

We work directly with inventors and entrepreneurs from countries all over the world. Our speciality is U.S. and international patenting services. We help with utility, design, and plant inventions. We also provide trademark and copyright registration for U.S. and international protection.

Options For Intellectual Property Protection
Options for Protection

We work with patents, trademarks, and copyrights. We write and file provisional and regular patent applications. We do U.S. and international (PCT, Hague) utility, design, and plant patent applications. We register trademarks and copyrights in the U.S. as well as internationally (Madrid, Berne).

Get Patent Pending Quickly
Get Pending Quickly

Get patent protection as soon as possible to protect your new invention. We can get your invention patent pending in the U.S. and internationally quickly with our expert patent help. We also provide prompt trademark and copyright registration. Contact us today.

Carson Patents Services

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Patent Application Services

Carson Patents provides patenting services for utility, design, and plant patent applications. Our goal is to make sure that inventors can have a transparent and accessible experience when protecting their inventions.

We offer affordable, expert patent services following our 5 steps to patent. Our USPTO Registered Patent Practitioner (patent attorney) is an online patent services specialist. Contact us for help anywhere throughout the patenting process. Read more about patents, how to get them, and their costs.

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Trademark Registration Services

Trademarks protect brand names, slogans, and logos. With our experts at Carson Patents, you can make sure that your ideas are safe with ease. Our trademark attorneys can file trademark and service mark registration applications for you, with the 4 steps to trademark providing clarity every step of the way.

If you are already using your brand name, slogan, and/or logo and your business is registered with your state, you can very likely register your own trademark. The directions to get a trademark registered are explained in our 4 steps to trademark. Read more about trademarks, how to get them, and their costs.

Focused On Accessibility

Focus on Accessibility

We specialize in protecting intellectual property by providing internationally accessible patent, trademark, and copyright registration and prosecution services online. Carson Patents is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). Greg Carson is a service disabled former U.S. Air Force Officer. We are dedicated to removing barriers for inventors and entrepreneurs in order to provide professional legal advice for everyone. In addition to being 100% confidential, our services are available remotely worldwide and are 100% accessible to language translations and assistive technologies.