Software Patenting

Software Patenting
Software Patenting

What is Software Patenting?

Software patenting is complex and usually requires professional help. Our software patent agent, Greg Carson, is a USPTO Registered Patent Practitioner who is “skilled in the art” of software. He has over 30 years of experience in writing, developing, and implementing software applications. Greg has the experience and skills to understand your programming code, and business methods at work. Hire Carson Patents® specialist to file your software patent. Contact us to start the steps to patent.

What is different? 

Software patents are regular patents. They need all the usual information and materials just like any other kind of patent. Additionally, they must meet all the usual criteria for patenting. These applications need extra focus and attention given to the following three things: (1) good flowcharts showing each step of the process; (2) detailed descriptions of the code – algorithms; and (3) a good explanation of how the software works with the hardware or machine. 

A patent is the legal right to control the making, using, and selling of the invention for a limited time. In the United States, utility and design patents are issued for different lengths of time. Utility patents are issued for 20 years from the filing date. Design patents are issued for 15 years date of issuance. Contact us to apply for a patent for your invention or idea. We highly recommend professional help for all patent types. Contact Carson Patents® patentability expert to discuss options. We can help you get your invention patent pending with any kind of provisional or non-provisional patent application. Contact us to start the steps to patent.

Greg’s Software Experience Areas

Over 30 Years Software Experience

Greg understands software, and software patent applications. He has a long history writing software applications. Greg has been working with computer software applications since the 1980’s. He wrote his first major software application as a part of his masters thesis in 1992. General Purpose X-Windows Medical Image Display Program, 1992, UNIVERSITY OF IOWA – read the approved thesis paper.  This image manipulation application was used with an expert model (artificial intelligence like software) based medical image object detection application.

Database and Search Technologies Experience

We have particularly extensive experience in database search technologies. Greg worked on his database and search engine patent over 25 years ago. That database search technology patent is referenced in over 80 other patents as prior art. Those using Greg’s patent as prior art include Apple, E-bay, Google, IBM, and Yahoo.

Software Patenting, Coding, and Consulting Experience

  1. Databases.
  2. Search Engines.
  3. Digital and Electronic Business Systems. 
  4. Business and Process Automation. 
  5. Medical Imaging – Digital Acquisition, Display and Analysis Applications.  
  6. Image Processing – Hardware and Software.
  7. Expert Model Based Systems.  
  8. Automated Systems.  
  9. Artificial Intelligence.  
  10. Personal and Property Security Devices (Wireless, Monitored). 

Available Online!

Get help with filing a software patent from our software patenting specialist. Carson Patents® is able to provide all of our patent services steps to patenting online. Hire us as your patent practitioner to seek protection for your invention. Contact us to start the steps to patent.

Software Patenting FAQ

When it comes to patents, what does confidentiality mean?

Invention Disclosures To Patent Practitioners Are Covered By Client Controlled Confidentiality Privilege.

New inventors often ask this FAQ. Disclosures to patent practitioners are confidential. You may need or want a non-disclosure agreement with anyone else. Disclosures to patent agents are covered by client controlled privilege. Information disclosed cannot be used or shared without your permission. Patent agents hold the same basic professional liability insurance as that held by attorneys, just limited to the practice of patent prosecution. Contact us.

Software Patenting Services - Carson Patents®
Software Patenting Services – Carson Patents®
Patent Help Online
Patent Help Online

Important TIP: When looking for expert software patenting services from a patents firm/office, only patent attorneys, and patent agents can prosecute patents for you. Carson Patents® – your personal patent help.