Patent Prosecution Services

What are Patent Prosecution Services?

For utility patents, the fourth step patent service is patent prosecution. Patent Prosecution Services are the patent services needed to either [1] represent a patent application through examination, [2] appeal an examination decision, or [3] conduct opposition, reissue, or reexamination proceedings. Patent Prosecution happens after a patent is pending and it occurs both before and after a patent is granted. Patent prosecution help for your office action responses is available here at Carson Patents.

Patent Prosecution is representing your invention before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). At Carson Patents patent prosecution is the fourth step to patenting, contact us to get started.

Before a patent is granted it is the conducting of communications with the USPTO regarding the examination of a patent application. Most frequently pre-grant patent prosecution is things like responding to office actions, or filing amendments, new claims, and petitions. We also conduct examiner interviews.

After a patent is granted it is the conducting of communications with the USPTO regarding opposition to the patent, reissue, or reexamination proceedings. Most frequently post-grant patent prosecution is things like reissues to add claims or correct mistakes in granted patents. Contact us for details of post-grant proceedings, or to start the steps to patent your idea or invention.

Office Action Responses

Responding to an office action is basically writing a letter back to the patent office. It includes responding to, and addressing, all issues raised in the letter from the examiner. Office action issues frequently include both rejections and objections. Both must be responded to properly and completely. Carson Patents highly recommends patent practitioner help for responses to USPTO Office Actions.


Amendments to patent applications become necessary for many reasons. A complete response to an office action can make an amendment necessary. If updates, corrections, and explanations are needed, submitting an amendment is necessary. Patent applications need to fully disclose how to make and use the invention. The application documents need to be clear, complete, and in proper form. Details matter. Carson Patents provides all patent services for writing and submitting amendments for pending patent applications. Contact us to get an amendment written, or to start the steps to patent for your invention.

New & Revised Claims

Submitting new claims, and revising and resubmitting existing claims occurs as part of office action responses. Also, after filing, it may become necessary or desirable to submit new or revised claims in a patent application. Claims must be in proper form, not indefinite, and supported by the written description and the drawings. Carson Patents provides writing new and revised patent claims. Contact us to get new or revised claims written for your pending patent, or to start the steps to patent for your invention.


  • Petitions to Make Special (Accelerated Examination, Prioritized Examination, Patent Prosecution Highway – PPH).
  • Requests for Continued Examination.
  • Requests for Reconsideration & Appeals.
  • Supplemental Examination.
  • Restriction Practice (proper responses to restriction office actions).

Examiner Interviews

Examiner interviews are conducted for many reasons. Always for the purpose of moving the application forward as quickly as possible. Frequently, the reason revolves around sharing understanding of the invention, discussing the patentability of the claims, or to determine election options after a restriction office action. Interviews can help determine the best way to respond to an office action. Carson Patents highly recommends patent practitioner help for examiner interviews, contact us.

We prosecute all kinds and types of patents

Other Patent Actions

We can also help with other USPTO patent and patent application actions.

  • Citation of Prior Art.
  • Ex-Parte Reexamination.
  • Protests.
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Important TIP: When looking for expert patent prosecution help from a Patents Office or IP/Patents Law Firm – only Patent Attorneys, and Patent Agents can prosecute patents. Call Carson Patents for your USPTO Registered Patent Practitioner help.

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