Patent Application Writing Services.

What is Patent Application Writing?

It is the research and writing of the specification, claims, and drawings (if needed) to apply for a patent. The written description must provide a complete explanation of how to make and use the invention as claimed. Close attention to content and proper form is essential. The initial submittal must be complete. You cannot add any new matter later unless you file a new or continuation in part application. Complete research and good writing before filing makes all the difference (and it can really save you big during patent prosecution). Hire us for confidential help with your patent application.

What are Patent Claims?

Patent Claims define the scope of patent protection. The claims define the subject matter of patent protection sought. Claims must be properly written and well supported in the specification. Editing and submitting new claims is common, see our patent prosecution services. We offer patent claim writing services to help you write and file your patent application.

We write all types and kinds of patents and claims.

  • Utility, Design, & Plant Patents
  • US & PCT (International) Applications. 
  • Provisional Patent Applications (PPA) Patent Pending Applications
  • Provisional to Non-Provisional Conversions & Applications.
  • Continuation, Continuation in Part, Divisional, & Substitute Applications.

Important TIP: Once an application is submitted you cannot add any “new matter” to it. You must file a new application or a continuation in part (CIP) if you need to add any drawings or description to support your claims after your initial filing.

What is New Matter in a patent application?

New Matter Carson Patents Logo icon with text. New Matter is content not found in either the written description or drawings, involving a departure from or an addition to the original disclosure. It cannot be added to the application even if supported by a supplemental oath or declaration. New Matter can only be shown or claimed in a separate application.

Important TIP. Proper searching before or during writing greatly enhances good patent specification writing. Searching also guides writing claims to improve the protection they provide for your invention. Proper searching can reduce or eliminate potential rejections and objections. Thus, it can save you money.

Some notes about Patent Drawings and Flowcharts.

What are Patent Drawings?

These are the drawings, diagrams, and charts necessary for a patent application. Patent applications require drawings if the invention “admits of illustration.” Both US and International (PCT) Patent Applications typically require good, properly formatted, drawings. If the inventor does not have drawings, or does not have properly formatted drawings, we can help.

What are Patent Flowcharts?

These are a particular type of patent drawing. Flowcharts show the flow or process steps. They are useful in many types of patent applications. Flowcharts are recommended and frequently useful in software patenting. We can help develop proper flowcharts if needed.

Drawings and flowcharts require proper labeling and numbering for clarity of reference and completeness of disclosure in the written sections of the application’s specification. Moreover, they must be compliant with the submittal requirements of the patent office. We can help with edits and markups if needed.

Drawings and flowcharts not prepared with patent application filing in mind may need to be edited to include proper referencing and labeling prior to filing (or in an additional submittal action). If needed, we can arrange for edits or new drawings.

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Important TIPWhen looking for expert confidential help with your patent application from a Patents Office or IP/Patents Law Firm – Remember only a Patent Attorney or Patent Agent can prosecute patents. Hire Carson Patents for your USPTO Registered Patent Practitioner help. Contact Us.