Patent Application Filing

Provisional & Non-Provisional Patent Application Filing Services

Step 3: File

For design and utility patents, the third step to patenting is patent application filing. Patent Application Filing is the submitting of a complete and properly formatted patent application to the patent office. In addition to the proper forms, a complete and properly formatted patent application includes a specification (description, claims, and abstract), and drawings (if needed). Once filed (you’ll get a filing receipt), your invention is patent pending. Carson Patents can help file for patent protection for your invention. Contact us to start the steps to patenting your invention or idea in a utility patent application. Back to Steps | Utility Patents.

Important TIP: Good searching is essential to proper application writing. Searching guides good claim writing by finding existing similar claims. Well written claims improve the protection the patent provides.

Carson Patents files all kinds and types of patent protection applications. 

What is New Matter?

New Matter is content not found in either the written description or drawings, involving a departure from or an addition to the original disclosure. It cannot be added to the application even if supported by a supplemental oath or declaration. New Matter can only be shown or claimed in a separate application. Depending on the new matter, we can file either a new application, or a continuation in part application. Contact Carson Patents for help adding new matter to your invention.

Some notes about patent drawings and flowcharts.

Drawings and flowcharts require proper labeling and numbering for clarity of reference and completeness of disclosure in the description of the application’s specification. Drawings and flowcharts not prepared with a patent application in mind may need to be edited to include proper referencing and labeling prior to filing. These documents must be compliant with the submittal requirements of the patent office. Carson Patents provides drawings and flowcharts as part of our patent application writing patenting service. Contact us to start the steps to patenting your invention or idea in a utility patent application.

Important TIP: When looking for expert patent filing help from a Patents Firm/Office – only patent attorneys, and patent agents can prosecute patents. Contact Carson Patents for your USPTO Registered Patent Agent help.