Utility Patent Services

Utility Patent Services

Affordable cost expert Utility Patent Services from Carson Patents USPTO Registered Patent Practitioner. Online Patent Services Specialist. Contact us to start the steps to patent. [1] Prior Art Search, [2] Application Writing, [3] Filing, and [4] Prosecution.

We offer patenting services for all types and kinds of patent applications. Patent Pending Provisional and Non-provisional, US or International (PCT) applications. Also, Continuation, Continuation in Part, Divisional, & Substitute Applications.

Prior Art Search & Patentability Evaluation

A Prior Art Search is a search to find any products and inventions that are similar to an idea/invention that you want to patent. A professional prior art search is an essential first step in applying for a patent.

A Patentability Evaluation is the research and study of the prior art to determine whether an invention is new and patentable. A patentability determination is advised before the inventor files a patent application. At Carson Patents a patentability evaluation is included with our prior art search service. Buy now only $599.

Important TIP. Proper searching before or during patent application writing greatly enhances good patent specification writing. Searching also guides writing claims to improve the protection they provide for your invention. Proper searching can reduce or eliminate potential rejections and objections. Thus, it can save you money.

Patent Writing

Patent Application Writing is the writing, editing, and preparing the specification, claims, and drawings for a patent application. Drawings (if needed) are included in our patent application writing patent service. Writing is the second step to patenting, contact us to start.

Application Filing

Patent Application Filing is the submitting of all the documents, forms, and inventor disclosures needed for an application to the patent office. Filing of the application is included with our patent application writing patent service. The invention is patent pending once it is filed. Filing is the third step to patenting, contact us to start.

Patent Prosecution Services

Patent Prosecution is representing your invention before the USPTO. It is the conducting of communications with the USPTO regarding the examination of a patent application, or a patent. Most frequently it is these three things: [1] letters to address any rejections or objections made regarding a patent application, [2] amendments to add new or revised claims, or [3] the conducting of examiner interviews. Prosecution is the fourth step to patenting. Contact us for help to respond to an office action from the patent office.

Speciality Patenting Services

Patentability, Clearance, & Freedom to Operate Studies

Patentability Study leads to a determination as to whether any claims in a US patent may be valid.

Clearance Study leads to a determination as to whether an activity conducted without authority will infringe any valid or enforceable US patent claims for a product or process.

Freedom to Operate Study leads to a determination as to whether you are free to operate (e.g. make, use, and sell a product or activity in the US) without infringing upon any valid or enforceable US patent claims.

Software Patents

Carson Patents offers available online help for all steps to patent for software inventions. Contact us to get started with a software patent application.

Do It Yourself Help

Carson Patents offers expert online patent services for pro se inventors. Contact us to get help filing your own patent application documents.

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Important TIP: When looking for utility patent services from a specialist, Patents Firm, or IP/Patents Law Office – only Patent Attorneys, and Patent Agents can prosecute patents. Call Carson Patents for your USPTO Registered Patent Practitioner help.