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Utility Patent Services - Carson Patents®
Utility Patent Services - Carson Patents®

Utility Invention Patenting Services

What is a utility patent? Utility patents protect how and what an invention does (its function/use). Carson Patents® offers affordable expert utility patent application invention services following our four step process. Our USPTO Registered Patent Practitioner, is an online patenting services specialist. Contact us for help with any of the 4 steps to patenting. The four steps are: [1] prior art search and patentability evaluation, [2] application writing, [3] application filing, and [4] application prosecuting.

Step 1: Prior Art Search & Patentability Evaluation

Utility Patenting Step One - Prior Art Search And Patentability Study

Prior Art Search is research to find any products and inventions that are similar to an idea/invention that you want to patent. A professional prior art search is an essential first step in applying for a patent.

Patentability Evaluation is the research and study of the prior art to determine whether an invention may be new and patentable. A patentability evaluation is recommended before filing any patent application. At Carson Patents® a patentability evaluation is included with our prior art search service. Contact us to for help with any of the steps to patent

Step 2: Patent Application Writing

Utility Patenting Step Two - Patent Application Writing

Patent Application Writing is the writing, editing, and preparing the specificationclaims, and drawings for a patent application. Drawings (if needed) are included.

Important TIP: Proper searching before application writing is essential to good specification writing. Specifically, searching guides good claim writing by finding existing similar claims. Further, well written claims improve the protection a patent provides.

Step 3: Patent Application Filing

Utility Patenting Step Three - Patent Application Filing

Patent Application Filing is the submitting of all the documents, forms, and inventor disclosures needed for an application to the patent office. Filing of the application is included with our patent application writing patent service. The invention is patent pending once it is filed. Contact us about filing an application for your invention.

Step 4: Patent Prosecution

Utility Patenting Step Four - Patent Prosecution

Patent Application Prosecution services is either [1] representing a patent application through examination, [2] appealing an examination decision, or [3] conducting opposition, reissue, or reexamination proceedings. Prosecution happens after a patent is pending and it occurs both before and after a patent is granted. Patent application prosecution is representing your invention before the USPTO. It is the conducting of communications regarding patent examination or proceeding. Contact us for patent prosecution help to respond to an office action from the patent office.

Carson Patents® offers expert patenting services for all types and kinds of patent applications. For example, we can help with patent pendingprovisional, and non-provisional applications. We work with both US and International (PCT) utility patent applications. Also, we can help with Continuation, Continuation in Part, Divisional, and Substitute Applications.

Utility Patent FAQ’s

What is the difference between a utility patent and a design patent?

Utility Patents Protect Use, Design Patents Protect Look

A utility patent protects the way an article is used and works (35 U.S.C. 101). A design patent protects the way an article looks (35 U.S.C. 171). You can get both design and utility patents for an article if invention resides both in its utility and ornamental appearance. Utility and design patents afford legally separate protection. But frequently, the utility and design of a product are not easily separable. Products may possess both functional and ornamental characteristics. Contact us.

Which patent offices does Carson Patents® work with?

We Work With The Uspto And Wipo

We file and prosecute utility and design invention patent pending applications online at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and at World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO).
– USPTO online filing at – Patent Center, and EFS Web – for US utility and design patent applications.
– WIPO online filing at – PCT Applications – for international utility patent applications. 
– WIPO online filing at – Hague Applications – for international design patent applications. 

Utility Patent Services - Carson Patents®
Utility Patent Services – Carson Patents®

Important TIP: When looking for a utility patent services expert, only patent attorneys, and patent agents can prosecute patents for you.

Patent Help Online
Patent Help Online

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