4 Steps to Trademark

4 Steps To Trademark

4 Steps to Trademark

For trade and service mark registration, Carson Patents® has four steps to seeking a trademark for your logo, brand, slogan, and/or business name.

The four steps to trademark are: 4 Steps to Trademark Registration: [1] business search, [2] write application, [3] submit application, and [4] respond to examiner. We start with the business search. If the trademark is not already in use, then we write and file an application. Prosecution is responding to letters from the USPTO to address issued raised in the application. Trademarks become registered when approved and added to the Principal or Supplemental Register. Carson Patents® will work closely with you through the following four steps to pursue a trademark for your logo, brand, or business name. Contact us about any of the steps to trademarking for your logo, brand, slogan or business name.

Trademark Step 2 Write Application

Trademark Step 2: Write Application

How to register a trademark, step two. Step 2 is writing the trademark registration application. Carson Patents will write the application for you. We draft and get your approval on everything. Your trademark attorney writes the application and fills out all the forms. We can write an application for a mark that is in use or for one that is to be used. The difference is whether we provide evidence of “use in commerce.” For applications on marks that are in use, we file the evidence with the initial application. For application on marks to be used, it will be necessary to file the “use in commerce” when it becomes available.

Trademark Step 3 Submit Application

Trademark Step 3: Submit Application

Step three is submitting the trademark application. Carson Patents files trademark applications electronically. In the United States, trademark applications are filed using the USPTO’s Trademark Electronic Application System or TEAS. You can access TEAS here. Internationally, WIPO maintains the Madrid Application Assistant (MAA). You can access MAA here. We send you an electronic receipt the day we file. We will get a serial number on the filing receipt. Correspondingly, you will be able to look up the application in about a week using the search locations above in step 1.

Trademark Step 4 Respond To Examiner

Trademark Step 4: Respond to Examiner

Step four is prosecuting the trademark application. Trademark registration does not always require prosecution. Prosecution for trademark applications is communicating with the USPTO to advance an application through examination to registration. We prepare and submit responses to office actions from the examining attorneys at trademark office. Trademark prosecution continues until examination is complete and a decision is made to grant or deny the trademark. Contact us to prosecute your trademark application.

Trademark Help Available Online

Trademark Services Help Available Online

4 Steps to Trademark Registration: [1] business search, [2] write application, [3] submit application, and [4] respond to examiner a trademark application for your logo, brand, slogan, and/or business name.