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What is a Trademark Attorney?

(What is a Trademark Lawyer)

What Is A Trademark Attorney - What Is A Trademark Lawyer

In the United States (U.S.), a trademark attorney is a person who is licensed and registered by a state to practice law, and then practices or specializes in trademarks. Our attorney is a patent attorney and can practice as a trademark attorney. Importantly, Carson Patents does practice in the areas of trade and service mark registration and licensing. Trademarks can be registered both in the U.S. and internationally. U.S. registration is submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). International trademark registration is done through the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) where the Madrid Protocol offers a single international trademark application to seek international protection for a trade or service mark.

For trademarks and service marks we offer our 4 steps to trademark registration: [1] business search, [2] write application, [3] submit application, and [4] respond to examiner. We offer quoted services for trademark applications in client engagement letters. Our fees are per application and are reduced for multiple applications filed for the same business or entrepreneur at the same time. The USPTO assess a filing fee per class of use for each application. The USPTO filing fee per class is either $250 or $350 for each class claimed in each application.

Trade and service marks are intellectual property protecting brand names and logos for products and services.

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U.S. and International Trademarking

Trade and service marks are intellectual property protecting brand names and logos for products and services. For most businesses trademarking in the country where located is sufficient. For American based businesses international trademarking is started by filing a U.S. registration application.

After a national application is filed (basic application) or issued (basic registration), the Madrid Protocol offers a single international application to seek or get protection for the mark in other countries. Read more about the Madrid Protocol at the USPTO. Read more about Madrid at the WIPO. Read more about international trademarks.

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Trademark Attorney Help – Trademark Lawyer Help

For all types and kinds of trademarks, Carson offers expert trademark attorney services online. An owner can trademark business names, slogans, logos, and even sound bytes. Importantly, a separate trade or service mark registration application is required for each mark. In other words, if you want to trademark a business name and the logo with the business name, that would be two registration applications. The first application is for the words of the business name and is usually a standard character mark kind application in order to have the most flexible use options. The second application is for the logo image (with or without the business name thereon) and is usually a special form mark kind of application.

Trademarking help for registering all types and kinds of trade and service marks from a trademark attorney is available online. Please feel free to schedule a free trademark consultation online by video or voice call. Carson Patents can also help with international trademark registrations. Read more about international trademarks.

Free Consultation Scheduling Note: The appointment times available are those available on our patent attorneys active daily working calendar. While this provides assurances that our attorney will be available for the scheduled meeting time, it also means that the times open each day are different and change frequently. Appointments scheduled using our free trademark consult links are actively available and our attorney will meet with you on the day at the time you select. If you are checking for a particular day and time, consider contact us by call, text, or email to request a specific day and time.