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Trademark Attorney/Lawyer Affiliates of Carson Patents®
Trademark Attorney/Lawyer Affiliates of Carson Patents®

Attorney & Lawyer Referrals 

Carson Patents® provides patent services. For trademark matters please refer to our trademark affiliates and service mark affiliates. We maintain the following affiliations with these outstanding intellectual property attorneys and specialists.

United States Representation

William Scott Goldman – One of the world’s most prolific trade mark filers, he’s now ranked “Top-5” at the USPTO with over 5,000 successful applications and registrations. Having written the book on Branding Law, he is also a frequent lecturer, guest speaker, radio commentator and author on various legal subjects. As a specialty practice division of Goldman Law Group, focusing on trademark matters, Branding Law’s goal is providing quick and cost-effective solutions. See, or Contact us for a referral. William is the best of our trademark affiliates in the US.

European Representation 

Andrew Kenny – Andrew is a USPTO Registered Patent Agent, a UK Patent Attorney, and a Professional Representative at the European Patent Office. Andrew is a trademark affiliation, he advises on UK trade mark applications. He also conducts trade mark searches which may affect an application. – AKenny Paten™ Trademarks, or Contact us for a referral. Andrew is the best of our trademark affiliates in Europe.

What is Trademark? 

Trademarks and service marks protect brand names and logos used on goods and services. Read more about trademarks.

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