Patenting Services

Patenting Services includes all functions necessary to apply for, and prosecute a patent application. There is searching, evaluating, writing , filing, and prosecuting a patent application. The intent of course is to get the application prosecuted through allowance and issue (when possible). This tag is connected to articles that have content related to patenting services.

Patent Costs

How Much Does it Cost to Patent an Invention? This article explains how much it costs to get a patent for an idea or invention. Patent costs are different for utility patents, plant patents, and design patents. A general utility invention estimate is $9000, total. Typically, a general design invention estimate is $5300, total. Lastly, …

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What does Patent Pending mean?

What does Patent Pending mean? What patent pending means. The term legally means a product or activity has an open patent application on file with the patent office. Filing an application for patent protection makes an invention “Patent Pending.” Either filing a provisional, non-provisional, U.S., or international (PCT & Hague) application results in pending status. After preparing …

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