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Patent Trolls

Origin of Patent Trolls There seems to be some discrepancies among sources for the origin of the term “patent troll.” According to Invenstopedia, the term was first coined by Paula Natasha Chavez, a U.S. Intellectual Property Law attorney, in an education video about the misuse of patents in the United States. An article in WIPO …

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Patent Costs

Patenting Cost Events There are five patent application cost events when pursuing a patent for an invention that will incur professional fees. Importantly, after filing a patent application, there are patent prosecution events that add cost. The five patent application cost events are: first, a professional fee for a prior art search and patentability evaluation; …

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What Does Patent Pending Mean?

What Happens After an Application is Pending? Pending applications often require further communication with the USPTO & WIPO. While a patent is pending, frequently amendments, new/revised claims, or further explanation is needed. These communications occur during patent application prosecution. Note: new matter may only be added in a new application. If new matter is needed to support claims during …

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How to do a Patent Search

Everything Necessary to do a Patent Search Yourself There are three basic elements of input for the search engines. For this how to do a patent search, you will need the following three things: A good description of the invention. A list of keywords about the invention. A classification for the invention. A Good Description …

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Patent Agent Legal Services

Patent Legal Services Need a Patent Agent or Patent Attorney Regarding patent agent legal services, only those licensed to practice before the USPTO can prosecute a patent. Only patent practitioners (patent agents and patent attorneys) can prosecute patents; non-patent attorneys cannot. Whether a patent practitioner is a member in good standing of some state’s legal …

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