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Music Copyrights

Music copyrights are the same as other copyrights. A copyright is a type of intellectual property protection for original works of authorship. Copyrights protect original literary or artistic works such as films, novels, poems, lectures, plays, choreography, drawings, paintings, sculptures, architecture, maps, and especially songs.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

A non-disclosure agreement, or an “NDA,” is a contracted agreement between private parties that certain information will remain confidential. NDA’s status as contracted agreements means that they are enforceable by law.

What can be Patented

In simplest terms, what can be patented is any invention that is a useful, new, and non-obvious action, thing, or product which is not an abstract idea, law of nature, or natural phenomenon.

Non-Fungible Token

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital asset that is sold and traded online. Most current NFT implementations are secured using blockchain technology. NFTs can be associated with a wide variety of things like art, music, and videos.

Finding Free Patent Services

Getting help searching, writing, filing, and prosecuting a patent application for your invention without cost, or for free is possible. There are Pro Bono and Pro Se free patent services available to help to seek patent protection your invention.

Patent Trolls

Patent trolls are people and/or companies that attempt to abuse the patent legal system. “Patent sharks” or “patent pirates” are other names for patent trolls because of the connotation that they prey on others.

Patent Costs

Patenting Costs article: How much does it cost to get a patent? $5-8k total (US Patent issued), depending on what kind (plant, design or utility), how complex, and in which countries patent protection is sought.