What is Software Engineer Patent? In simplest form, it is an engineer who writes code and patents. Only patent agents and attorneys can “do patents.” Consequently, the engineer must also be a patent practitioner. Contact us for help with your project. Hire us, online software patent agent. Affordable Professional Expert Software Engineer Patent Online 🤙909.215.9091.

Our Patent Agent, Greg, is USPTO Registered. Greg, is a software engineer. Greg is an engineer that writes code and patents. There is more information about Greg on our About page.

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All patent application and searching services at Carson Patents are CONFIDENTIAL. Available services include: 

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  5. Client Communications. We offer and use encrypted email if desired.

What are software patents?

Software Patents are regular patents. Like all patent applications they need all the usual information and materials, and must meet all the usual criteria for a patent. These applications do need extra focus and attention given to three things: (1) good flowcharts showing each step of the process, (2) detailed descriptions of the code (algorithms), and (3) a good explanation of how the software works with the hardware or machine. Contact Carson Patents, we can help you with a software patent application.

What is? Patent Application Drafting: Filing. Applying. It is the reading, editing, and preparing the specification, claims, and drawings for an application. Hire Carson Patents as your patent application expert. 

What things influence cost? Patent Application Drafting: Filing. Applying. This depends upon the patent type, complexity, and current state of application completion. 

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Get prior art search help with your invention or patent online. Consult Carson Patents, Software Experienced Biomedical Engineer, Patent Agent. Get a quote to help file, apply, and represent your idea and work with the USPTO for your invention. Confidential, Privileged Communication. Contact us to apply for the patent for your invention. Online consulting help filing US and International Patent Applications is here.

Gregory D Carson Patents is verified by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). We are verified by the VA as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) . We are listed on the VA’s Vendor Information Pages (VIP) at https://www.vip.vetbiz.va.gov/.

Get an expert consultant to help with your invention or patent online. Contact Carson Patents. Our company: Software Experienced. Electrical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering. Biomedical Engineer. Patent Agent. Information Scientist. Get a quote to help file to protect your invention. We can help you apply for a patent. We can represent your patent and work with the USPTO for your invention. Confidential, Privileged Communication. Secure. Online Patent Help. Prior Art Searches. Patentability, Novelty, and Prior Art Reviews. Patent applications filed online. Contact us to apply for the patent to protect your: invention, idea. Online expert help filing US and International Patent Applications is here. 

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