Professional Patent Application Writing, Drafting, and Editing. Typically writing the application is the second step in the patenting process. The first step is the extensive expert prior art patentability search and study. Looking for professional patent application writing or drafting services for your idea or invention from a patent agent, attorney, or lawyer? Remember only Patent Attorneys Lawyers and Agents can “do” patent prosecution. Hire us for USPTO Registered Patent Practitioner help. Available online. 

What is Patent Application Writing | Drafting?

It is the writing, reading, editing, and preparing the specification, claims, and drawings for an application. It is best if there is time to share and edit the documents carefully. Once an application is filed adding material later can be very difficult. As a result, complete drafting before applying can make all the difference.

What is Application Filing?

It is the submitting of a patent application to the patent office. This can be in two ways. Firstly, online. And, secondly, by postal mail. Of course, we can file your applications for you – either way.

What things influence the cost of Patent Application Writing? 

This depends upon the following three things. Firstly, patent type. Secondly, complexity of the invention – idea – claims. And, thirdly, the current state of application completion. 

We write all kinds and types of patents.

People talk about five ‘kinds’ patents.
  • Firstly, US and International Patent Applications. PCT’s too.
  • Secondly, Provisional and Non Provisional Applications.
  • Thirdly, Utility Patents.
  • Fourthly, Design Patents.
  • Fifthly, Plant Patents.
There are many ‘types’ of patents.
  • Biotech.
  • Business Methods. 
  • Chemical. 
  • Electrical. 
  • Food Science. 
  • Materials Science. 
  • Mechanical. 
  • Medical. 
  • Nanotechnology. 
  • Optics. 
  • Pharmaceutical Semiconductors. 
  • Software. 
  • Telecommunication. 
  • And Others

A note about Patent Drawings and Flowcharts.

Patent Drawings. These are the drawings, diagrams, and charts necessary for a patent application. They are typically needed for either a US or an International application. If the inventor does not have drawings, or does not have enough drawings, we can help. Drawings must be compliant with the submittal requirements of the patent office. We can arrange for any needed edits or revisions as needed.

Patent Flowcharts. These are a particular type of patent drawing. Flowcharts show the flow or process steps. Frequently useful in software patenting. We can help develop flowcharts if needed.

Our Other Affordable Confidential Patenting Services.

The other four available services and one speciality include the following.


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