What Does Patentability Mean?

Determining Patentability is Best Done by an Expert Do you need to know if your invention or idea is patentable? In the United States, a patentability expert is a USPTO Registered Patent Practitioner who practices in prosecuting patent applications. Our patent expert has successfully prosecuted many patent applications and can help you find out. For …

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Patent Law

Source of Law on Patents in the United States of America In the U.S., patent law originates in in Title 35 of the Constitution – “Patents” of the United States Code (U.S.C.). U.S.C. Title 35 (usually written 35 U.S.C.) is authorized by the U.S. Constitution in Article One, Section 8: “The Congress shall have power …

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What is Patent Litigation?

The Steps in Patent Infringement and Lawsuits Patent litigation may result from patent infringement. Owning intellectual property (patent, trademark, and copyright) sometimes means others will infringe. Property laws provide legal protection for intellectual property that can be used to enforce ownership. You can read more about infringement in our “What Does Infringement Mean” article. Because …

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Determining Patent Value

There are three financial based methods to compute the value of a patent that result in price. There is one valuation based method to determine a rating or ranking for a patent.

Business Name Branding

What is a Business Name – Name Branding A business name is the legally registered moniker for your business. In addition to being what you want people to know you as, a business name is used for administrative tasks such as opening a business bank account, paying taxes, or conducting payroll. The common format is …

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