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A plant patent application seeks patent protection for new plant matter. A plant patent protects a plant that possesses new or unique characteristics (35 U.S.C. 161). We offer affordable plant patent services following our 5 steps to patent by a USPTO Registered Patent Practitioner. Plant Patent Services include provisional and non-provisional patent applications for plant inventions.

For example, an inventor could patent an asexually reproduced plant. There are, however, some plants that cannot be patented. Tuber-propagated plants, which are reproduced by the same part of the plant that is eaten, cannot be patented. Also, plant patents are issued for 20 years from the filing date, similar to utility patents.

patent protection for new plant matter

5 Steps To Patent A New Plant Invention

5 Steps to Patent a New Plant Invention

Carson Patents offers expert patenting services for all types and kinds of plant patent applications. Importantly, plant patents typically require biological deposits of the new plants. Further, photos of the plant and/or its growth and development are often necessary. We offer patent services for U.S. or International (PCT) plant patent pending applications. Contact us about the steps to patent your inventive unique plant.

Plant Patent Costs

Plant Patent Costs

Basically, a plant patent application will cost $2400 – $3200 to write and file. The USPTO filing fee is not included. Additionally, the costs of making the biological deposit and submitting photos will also include the costs of plant patenting. After filing, prosecution costs are usually $1200 – $1800. Also, please note that these costs only represent Carson Patents‘ fees and do not include the USPTO or WIPO application filing fee which varies by entity status.

Plant Patent Examples


This kind of patent protects plants with new qualities. Below is a list that demonstrates some examples of plant patents that exist today.

  • Crisper Apple
  • THC Hybrid
  • Zipper Skin Orange

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Important TIP: When looking for expert patenting services help only a patent attorney or patent agent can prosecute patents for you.