Patenting Step 3: Filing

Step 3 Patent Application Filing
Step 3 Patent Application Filing

Patenting Step Three Filing

Patenting step three filing. For design and utility patents, the third step to patenting is patent filing. File invention patent to get patent pending. Patent application filing is the submitting of a complete and properly formatted patent application to the patent office. In addition to the proper forms, a complete and properly formatted patent application includes two important documents: firstly, a specification; and, secondly, the drawings. Filing an invention’s patent application is conducted either: firstly, online (electronically); or, secondly, via postal mail.

Patent Filing Online or by Mail

Patenting step three filing. Patent filing is conducted two ways: firstly, electronically (online); and, secondly, via postal mail. Filing either US and/or International (PCT, and Hague) patent applications is conducted either: firstly, online; or, secondly, by postal mail.

Electronic Filing

Patenting step three filing. Filing a US design or utility patent application online is the preferred method. In other words, patent filing online is the best way to submit a patent application.

Patent Center controls electronic patent filing at the USPTO. Filing an application in Patent Center requires an online account. The account will also permit tracking of the application. The online account is available for free on the USPTO Patent Center page.

The International applications are the PCT for utility patenting, and the Hague for design patenting (registering). The USPTO accepts the International applications electronically through Patent Center. In addition, the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) accepts the PCT and Hague applications directly. WIPO has a single online entry point for intellectual property (IP) applications. WIPO accepts both PCT and Hague applications filed directly.

Postal Mail Filing

Patenting step three filing. To file by mail just mail in the specification, drawings, all the forms, and payment of the filing fee to the USPTO. Mail processing for both US and International patent applications is available. The USPTO recommends and encourages electronic filing. The USPTO has lower patent application filing fees for electronic filing. In other words, paper filing by mail has higher patent application filing fees.

After Filing

Once filed, your invention is patent pending. Filing online generates an electronic filing receipt. In addition, the patent office will review the submission to ensure all of the required parts are present and in acceptable format. If the application is complete and proper, the patent office will send a filing receipt. However, if the application is incomplete or improper, the patent office will send a notice of missing parts, or a notice of incomplete application.

Patent Filing FAQ’s

What is a PPA – Provisional Patent Application?

Patent Pending Definition

A provisional patent application allows you to file an application without formal patent claim(s), oath/declaration, or any information disclosure (prior art) statement. Provisional applications are not examined and therefore do not require claims. 
The provisional application is only pending for one year. It is essentially a place holder for a later non-provisional application. After a provisional is filed, a non-provisional application must be filed within 12 months of the provisional application filing date.  Contact us to start the steps to patent for your invention. Read more on our patent pending page.

What does a Patent Agent do?

Patent Agents search, write, file, and prosecute patent applications.

What a patent agent does is provide patent services. They help inventors (or applicants) seek patent protection for their inventions. There are two stages of patent services involved in seeking patent protection for your invention. The first stage is filing for patent pending status. The second stage is patent prosecution. Patent prosecution is all the follow up correspondence with the patent office. Contact us for help.

Carson Patents® can help with patenting step three filing. We can file for patent protection for your invention. Contact us to start the steps to patent your invention or idea in a utility or a design patent application. Check out our article about patent cost

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Patenting Step Three (3): Filing - file invention patent.
Patenting Step Three Filing – file invention patent.
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