Do you need a patentability expert? Our patent application expert (USPTO Registered) does all of our patentability searching and reports. You can be assured your invention is confidential with us. We do not outsource any patent searching or patentability studies. Get confidential expert help for your invention.

What is Patentability?

Carson Patents logo with words - Patentability Studies - Carson Patents Patentability is: (a) whether an idea or invention exists in the prior art, or, (b) whether an invention or idea conflicts with another invention or idea.

Affordable Expert Studies with Reports and Opinions.

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Patentability Determination with Report and Consultation.

Patentability Study leads to a determination as to whether any claims in a US patent may be valid. As part of the this study, a Search is conducted which discovers patents, patent applications, and non-patent literature. These are reviewed to determine whether an invention covered by the claims was anticipated by anything discovered during the Search. If it was the claims may not be valid. US law does permit exceptions. So a Patentability Study by a qualified patent practitioner is advisable. 

Any Study undertaken by Carson Patents includes the Search, and a Written report on the Search and reasoning for conclusions on whether the claims are valid. Carson Patents also provides a consultation to discuss the Patentability Study with you, consider your questions, and advise you on ways forward. 

Clearance Determination with Report and Consultation. 

Clearance Study leads to a determination as to whether an activity conducted without authority will infringe any valid or enforceable US patent claims for a product or process. A Clearance Study conducted by Carson Patents includes the Patentability Study mentioned above and an opinion on infringement. 

Freedom to Operate Determination with Report and Consultation. 

Freedom to Operate Study leads to a determination as to whether you are free to operate (e.g. make, use, and sell a product or activity in the US) without infringing upon any valid or enforceable US patent claims. Our Freedom to Operate Study includes the Patentability Study mentioned above and an opinion on Freedom to Operate.


Carson Patents does not outsource any part of patent searching. We ensure confidentiality of our services by doing all prior art searching, application writing, filing, and prosecution in-house. All patenting services are confidential. Invention help for patents online. Available patent services include: 

  1. Prior Art Searches
  2. Novelty Searches
  3. Novelty Studies
  4. Patent Application Writing Services
  5. Application Filing Services
  6. Infringement Studies.
  7. Infringement Reports
  8. Patent Prosecution Services
  9. Pro Se Assistance.
  10. Design Patent Services.
  11. Prior Art Searches.
  12. Design Applications.
  13. Design Prosecution.
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