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Carson Patents provides patenting services for utility and design patents. Utility patents protect how and what an invention does (its use/function). Design patents protect inventive unique design (its look/ornamental appearance). We offer affordable expert utility and design invention services following our four step process. Our USPTO Registered Patent Agent, is an online patent services specialist. Contact us for help with any of the four steps to patenting. The four steps are: [1] prior art search and patentability evaluation, [2] application writing, [3] application filing, and [4] patent prosecuting. | Read More. | Text version.

Important TIP: When looking for expert patenting services from a Patents Firm/Office, only a Patent Attorney or Patent Agent can prosecute patents. Contact Carson Patents.

USPTO Registered Patent Agent. | Patenting Experience. | Biomedical, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering Experience. | Contact us.

Confidentiality: Disclosures to patent practitioners are covered by client controlled privilege. Read more.