How to file a patent? In simple terms, it only requires submitting a request for a patent. The request includes a full disclosure of the invention. Filing requires submittal of a specification, drawings (if needed), and claim. For help Contact Carson Patents. Patent applications are usually filed online. All our services are available online. Hire a patent practitioner.

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Basic steps to file an application for patent to protect an invention:

Time Needed Estimate: 3 days.

How to file a patent?

  1. The first thing to do is to determine the type and countries you want patent protection in.

    The first step has two parts. (a) Determine what kind of patent you need. There are three kinds of patents. These are utility, design, and plant patents. (b) Determine in which countries you want protection.
    These two things affect the kind of patent application that you will file. If you need help with this step: Call 909.215.9091

  2. Gather your idea or invention documentation.

    Obviously you keep this information confidential. Patent practitioners are covered by confidentiality, with everyone else you might want a non-disclosure agreement.
    You will need the description of the invention. This includes the idea, the reduction to practice, and the use. The better documented your invention, the easier the next steps will be. Time and effort focused on this step will reduce the time needed to complete subsequent steps.
    Often it is useful to hire expert professional help for this step. Patent Practitioners are licensed by the USPTO. If you need help with this step: Call 909.215.9091

  3. Conduct a Patent Search | Prior Art Search | Patentability Search.

    A patent search is needed to be sure that you have a new invention. It is also needed to identify the prior art. Prior art is those things identified by existing patents, patent applications, and non-patent literature that are like your idea or invention. This search is done to check patentability of your claims. The search should be done with both keywords and the inventions classification.
    You can do a patent search yourself. However, it is recommended that you hire a patent practitioner to conduct the search. If you need help with this step: Call 909.215.9091

  4. File the patent application.

    Filing the application requires the submittal of a complete specification and claim. Drawings, if required, must also be submitted at the time of filing. Filing patent applications is usually done online.
    The specification, claim, and drawings submitted with the application must be complete. You can edit the claims later if required. But, at the USPTO you can not add any new matter to the specification or drawings.
    The more accurate and complete the initial filling the better. If you need help with this step: Call 909.215.9091

  5. Prosecute the patent – if needed.

    Patent prosecution is responding to the communications from the patent office. This is done to address any objections or rejections that the office finds in the application.
    This step can be daunting. It is highly recommend that you hire a patent practitioner to help you. If you need or want help with this step: Call 909.215.9091

Confidentiality Assured:

Carson Patents does not outsource any part of patent searching. We ensure confidentiality of services by doing all work in-house. All patent searches are confidential.  

All patent application and searching services at Carson Patents are CONFIDENTIAL. Available services include: 

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What is? Patent Application Drafting: Filing. Applying. It is the reading, editing, and preparing the specification, claims, and drawings for an application. 

What things influence cost? Patent Application Drafting: Filing. Applying. This depends upon the patent type, complexity, and current state of application completion. 

About our Patent Agent, Greg Carson:

Our USPTO registered patent agent, is Gregory Carson. Greg has a bachelors and a masters degree in Biomedical Engineering. Greg has many years experience with electrical and mechanical engineering. Over 30 years engineering experience as a programmer and inventor. Experience in imaging software, patient management software, and medical prescription software. Greg is an expert in database management technologies, and database search technologies. There is more about Greg on our About page.

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