Do you need a software patent consultant? We are experienced in patent consulting. And, experienced in software consulting. We work with all kinds of patents. US Patent Applications. International Patent Applications. Utility Patent Filings. Design Patent Filings. Provisional Patent Filings.

What are software patents?

Software Patents are regular patents. Software patent applications need all the usual information and materials. And, they must meet all the usual criteria for a patent. Software patent applications need extra focus and attention given to three things. (1) good flowcharts showing each step of the process. (2) detailed descriptions of the code (algorithms). And (3) a good explanation of how the software works with the hardware or machine. Hire a software patent consultant. Contact us, we can help you with a software patent application.

Consulting Experience – Database | Search Technologies

We have particularly extensive experience in database search technologies. Our patent agent is an information scientist. Additionally, Mr. Carson is software patent consultant. Greg’s patent is referenced in over 80 other patents as prior art. Those using Greg’s patent as prior art include Apple, E-bay, Google, IBM, and Yahoo

Consulting Experience – Corporate | Software 

Carson Patents has over 30 years experience in corporate consulting. In particular we have extensive experience in software design and implementation. Over 30 years software development experience, and over 30 years patent consulting experience. 


All patent application and searching services at Carson Patents are CONFIDENTIAL. Available patent services include: 

  1. Prior Art Searches
  2. Patentability Searches
  3. Patentability Studies
  4. Patent Application Writing Services
  5. Application Filing Services
  6. Infringement Studies.
  7. Patentability & Infringement Reports
  8. Patent Prosecution Services
  9. Pro Se Assistance.
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