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All Welcome: Individuals. Private Inventors. Start-Ups. Enterprise Clients. Small Businesses and Large Corporations.

Confidentiality! All our services are Confidential.  

Carson Patents does not outsource any part of patent searching. We ensure confidentiality of our services by doing all work in-house. All services here are CONFIDENTIAL. Available patent services include: 

  1. Prior Art Searches
  2. Patentability Searches
  3. Patentability Studies
  4. Patent Application Writing Services
  5. Application Filing Services
  6. Infringement Studies.
  7. Patentability & Infringement Reports
  8. Patent Prosecution Services
  9. Provisional conversion – Non-Provisional Filing Patent Services.
  10. Pro Se Assistance.

Additionally with regard to Client Communications. We offer and use encrypted email if desired. Just let us know.

Available Design Patent Services include:

  1. Design Patent Searches.
  2. Design Patent Writing and Filing.
  3. Patent Prosecution for Design Patents.
  4. Pro Se Design Patent Assistance.

What is Patent Prosecution?

It is mostly two things. Firstly, USPTO Office Action Responses. Secondly, USPTO Examiner Interviews. It is the conducting of communications with the USPTO. Actions such as the preparing of responses to office actions and examiner interviews.  

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Expert Professional help with a patent is right here. 🤙909.215.9091