Expert Prior Art Searches, Application Drafting, and Patent Prosecution. Looking to find and hire an online – affordable expert from a patent law firm office for your invention or idea. Remember only Patent Practitioners, Attorneys, Lawyers, and Agents can “do” patent prosecution – expert or professional. Hire us to find patent practitioner help.

Need a professional patent expert? We have expertise with all patenting services for applications. We have expertise with software. And, software patenting. Contact us for affordable patent help. Or, check out our About page. Patent Help, Affordable.

Assured Confidentiality! 

Carson Patents does not outsource any part of patent searching. We ensure confidentiality of our services by doing all work in-house. All services at Carson Patents are CONFIDENTIAL. Available patent services include: 

  1. Prior Art Searches
  2. Patentability Searches
  3. Patentability Studies
  4. Patent Application Writing Services
  5. Application Filing Services
  6. Infringement Studies.
  7. Patentability & Infringement Reports
  8. Patent Prosecution Services
  9. Provisional conversion – Non-Provisional Filing Patent Services.
  10. Pro Se Assistance.

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Prior Art and Patentability Searching Services.

Patent Search. Prior Art Search. A search to find out whether there are products and inventions similar to an idea for an invention that you want to patent. For instance, prior to applying for a patent. 

Novelty Search. Patentability Search. A search to find out whether an invention is new and patentable. For instance, before the inventor files a patent application. 

Important TIP. Proper searching before or during application writing greatly enhances good patent specification writing. Searching also guides writing claims to improve the protection they provide for your invention. Proper searching can reduce or eliminate potential rejections and objections. Thus, it can save you money.

Expert Patent Agent. Patent Help is Affordable.

Our USPTO registered patent agent is Gregory Carson. He has both bachelors and masters degrees in Biomedical Engineering. Greg has many years experience with electrical and mechanical engineering. Greg has many years software engineering experience, both as a programmer and inventor. Medical areas include medical imaging software, patient management software, and medical prescription software. Also, Greg has extensive experience in database management, and database search technologies. There is more about Greg on our About page.

Affordable Patents Firm – Office – Patent Agent – Practitioner – Patenting Services. 

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Looking to find – hire an online – affordable expert from a patent law firm office for your invention or idea – remember only Patent Attorneys Lawyers and Agents can do patent prosecution – hire us to find patent practitioner help.