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A design patent application seeks patent protection for inventive ornamental design. In other words, this is the appearance and/or look of the design. We offer affordable patent writing and filing services by a USPTO Registered Patent Practitioner. In addition, U.S. & Hague Design Patents protect an inventive unique design (its appearance/look).

A design patent protects the way an article looks (35 U.S.C. 171). In addition, design patents are issued for 15 years from the issue date in the United States. As mentioned above, this means that the inventor will have the right to control their invention for the following 15 years.

Carson Patents offers affordable expert patent application services following our five step process. The 5 steps to patent are:[1] prior art search, [2] patentability evaluation, [3] application writing, [4] application filing, and [5] patent prosecution.

Design Patents Protect the Appearance of Your Unique Design.

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Design Patent Steps – Writing Design Patents

In fact, Carson Patents offers expert patenting services for all types and kinds of patent applications. We offer patent services for non-provisional U.S. design applications and/or International (Hague) industrial design applications. We include complete and proper patent drawings when we write and file patent applications. Contact us about the steps to patent for your inventive unique design.

Our 5 steps to patent for patent applications meets with all of the requirements for either the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), or the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO), or both. The following patent steps are best for all new inventions. We start with the prior art search to see what is out there now that is similar. The prior art is used to study patentability and determine whether there are allowable claims that we can write for the invention. Only if an invention is patentable do we proceed to writing and filing a patent application.

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Design Patent Application Costs

Generally, a patent application for a design will cost $1600 – $3200 to draw, write and file. After filing, prosecution costs are usually under $1000. We have many with total costs to patent that are less than $3000 total for help with all the steps from the search through notice of issue. Also, please note that these costs only represent Carson Patents‘ fees and do not include the USPTO or WIPO application filing fee which varies by entity status. This type of patent costs less to get because they are much simpler to write, file, and prosecute. Read more about how much it costs to patent an invention in our patent costs article.

Design Patent Examples

Design Invention Examples

Patents on designs will protect the unique design of an invention. What an invention does can be equally as important as how it looks. Patents on designs exist to protect an invention’s visual value. There are many different types of designs, like the ones listed below, that can benefit from having this kind of patent to protect them.

  • Sports Bottle
  • Action Figure Attachment Band
  • One-Way Valve
  • Travel Bag
  • New Straw

Design Patent Help Available

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Patent Confidentiality. Invention disclosures to patent practitioners are covered by client controlled privilege.

Carson Patents offers the full range of patent services online. We provide patent services to inventors from all over the world.

Important TIP: When looking for expert patenting services help only a patent attorney or patent agent can prosecute patents for you.