Design Patent Prosecution

Design Patent Prosecution Services

What is Patent Prosecution?

Patent Prosecution occurs after an invention is patent pending. It is representing the invention before the United States Patent and Trademark (USPTO). It is the conducting of communications with the USPTO regarding the examination of a patent application, or a patent. For Design Applications, it is most frequently letters to address any rejections or objections made regarding an application. Carson Patents can provide all our Design Patent Prosecution Services online. Contact us for prosecution help, or to start the steps to patent.

Patent Prosecution also includes:

  • US Design to Hague International Industrial Design Applications.
  • Hague to US Applications.
  • Requests for Reconsideration & Appeals.
  • Petitions to Make Special (Accelerated Examination, Prioritized Examination, Patent Prosecution Highway – PPH).

Responses to Office Actions.

Responding to an office action is basically writing a letter back to the patent office. It includes responding to, and addressing, all issues raised in the letter from the examiner. Office action issues frequently include both rejections and objections. Both must be responded to properly and completely. We highly recommend patent practitioner help for responses to all USPTO Office Actions. Contact us for prosecution help, or to start the steps to patent.

Design Patent Services Available Online

Carson Patents is able to provide patent services for all steps to patent utility & design inventions online. Contact us to discuss consultation options. Other online Design Patent Services include:

  1. Design Patent Prior Art Searching.
  2. Design Patent Writing & Filing.
  3. Contact us to discuss the steps to patent.
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Important TIP: When looking for online design patent prosecution services from a Patents Office or IP/Patents Law Firm – only a Patent Attorney or Patent Agent can prosecute patents. Hire Carson Patents for your USPTO Registered Patent Practitioner.