Affordable Cost Design Patent Services by a USPTO Registered Patent Practitioner (Patent Attorney or Patent Agent).

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We offer Patenting Services for US & Hague (International Industrial Design) Design Patent Applications.

Prior Art Search Services

Prior Art Search. Patent Search. A search to determine whether there are products and inventions similar to an idea for an invention that you want to patent. A necessary first step prior to applying for a patent.

Important TIP. Proper searching before filing a design application is essential. Proper searching can reduce or eliminate potential rejections and objections. Thus, it can save you money.

Patent Application Writing and Filing Services

What is Patent Application Writing? For Design Patents it is the writing of the description and proper completion of the drawings for an application.

Important TIP: The drawings for a design patent can be either the traditional six orthogonal views or a 3D construction. Black and white line drawings are great! Color drawings or illustrations should only be used where essential to convey the design.

If the inventor does not have drawings that are compliant with the submittal requirements of the USPTO, we can edit or arrange new ones as needed.

What is Patent Application Filing? It is the submitting of all the documents and information needed for an application to the patent office. We help with and file patent pending and provisional applications as well.

Patent Prosecution Services

What is Patent Prosecution? Patent Prosecution occurs after a patent is pending. It is representing your invention before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). It is the conducting of communications with the USPTO regarding the examination of a patent application, or a patent. For Design Patents, most frequently prosecution is things like letters to address any rejections or objections made regarding the design patent application.

Confidentiality is Important

Carson Patents does not outsource any part of patent searching. We ensure confidentiality of our services by doing all prior art searching, application writing, filing, and prosecution in-house. 

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Important TIP: When looking for affordable cost expert design patent services from a Patents Office or IP/Patents Law Firm – Remember only Patent Attorneys, and Patent Agents can prosecute patents. Hire Carson Patents for your USPTO Registered Patent Practitioner help. Contact Us.