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Design Invention Patenting Services

What is a design patent? A design patent application seeks patent protection for inventive ornamental design (the appearance/look). We offer affordable patenting services by a USPTO Registered Patent Practitioner. US & Hague Design Patents protect an inventive unique design (its appearance/look). Carson Patents® offers affordable expert design patent application services following our four step process. The four steps to patenting are the following: First, prior art search and patentability evaluation. Second, application writing. Third, application filing. And fourth, patent prosecuting. Contact us for help with any of the steps to patent.

Step 1: Prior Art Search & Patentability Evaluation

Step 2: Application Writing

Step 2 - Patent Application Writing.

Design Patent Application Writing is crafting the description and proper presentation of the drawings. Design patents have only one claim. The claim is for the invented design as shown and described. At Carson Patents® proper drawings are included in our patent application writing services.

Step 3: Application Filing

Step 3 - Patent Application Filing.

Design Patent Application Filing is submitting all of the documents, forms, and inventor disclosure information needed for an application to the patent office. Once an application is properly submitted, the design is patent pending.  Start the steps to patenting for your unique inventive design, contact us. 

Step 4: Patent Prosecution

Step 4 - Patent Prosecution.

Design Patent Prosecution is representing an application through examination, appealing an examination decision, or conducting a proceeding. Prosecution is usually responses to office actions sent during examination. Contact Carson Patents® for design patent prosecution help, or to start the steps to patenting.

Carson Patents® offers expert patenting services for all types and kinds of design patent applications. We offer design patenting services for non-provisional US or International (Hague) design patent pending applications. Contact us about the steps to patent for your inventive unique design.

Design Invention Patent Services at Carson Patents®.
Carson Patents® Personal Patent Services™ Online

Online Design Patent Applications

We file and prosecute design invention patent pending applications online at the United States Patent and Trademark Office and at World Intellectual Property Office.

  • United States Patent and Trademark Office online filing at – Patent Center – for US design patent applications. 
  • World Intellectual Property Office online filing at – Hague Applications – for international design patent applications.