3 Steps to Copyright

3 Steps To Copyright Yourself

You can register your work and get a copyright by yourself or purchase copyright assistance from Carson Patents. Note that these 3 steps are the U.S. Copyright Office’s steps to get a work registered, not our steps. In other words, this is how simple it is to register a copyright on your own.

Copyright Step 1 Complete Application Yourself

Firstly, fill out the application. Access and complete the application in the Registration Portal. The U.S. Copyright Office website will guide you through the application and provide additional information.

Copyright Step 2 Pay Application Fee Yourself

Secondly, pay the application fee. You can pay the fee online as well through the U.S. Copyright Office’s Registration Portal. The filing fee will cost between $35 and $55 when registering for the copyright protection yourself.

Copyright Step 3 Deposit Work Yourself

Lastly, make a deposit of the work. Depositing the work means uploading a copy of it. Note: you may not need to make a deposit, however, if your work is already published. Moreover, protection of a work through the U.S. Copyright Office is inexpensive.

Register a Work With Carson Patents

Why Register When Protection Is Automatically Granted

Why Register When Protection is Automatically Granted?

An author can gain enhanced protection by registering a copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office, however, not required for protection. The enhanced protection includes benefits such as having a public record of the claim, the ability to file a copyright lawsuit in federal court, and receiving return of legal fees for infringement claims if you win a suit. You can register your work yourself and get your own copyright. It is a simple and straightforward process. As mentioned, the filing fee is $35 to $55 if you do it yourself through the U.S. Copyright Office.

NOTE: If you are struggling with how to register a copyright, Carson Patents can file the registration for you, however, the cost is $475.

First Schedule A Free Consultation Help

First, Schedule a Free Consultation

First, ask questions if you have any. Although not required, a consult can help answer any pre-existing questions.

Second Email Your Work

Second, Email your Work

In order to register your work, we will need a copy of the work. If the work is published on the internet, you can email us the URL instead of a copy of the work. Unlike the consultation, this step is not optional. In order for us to register a work, we need to be able to follow our three steps to copyright. To summarize, this step introduces us to your work so we can complete the copyright registration.

Third Request A Client Engagement Letter

Third, Request a Client Engagement Letter

What is a client engagement letter? An engagement letter is a form of agreement between both the author and the copyright attorney. Both the author and the attorney must sign the client engagement letter before moving forward with the process. The letter outlines the estimated costs, expectations, confidentiality information, and expected time frame to complete the estimate of the copyright registration.

Fourthly Make The Payment

Lastly, Make the Payment

The last step is payment. Once we have a copy of the work to be registered and we have both signed the client engagement letter, the only thing remaining is payment. You can click on the link below and pay our $475 fee (includes the filing fee).