In the United States (U.S.), a copyright attorney is a person who is licensed and registered by a state to practice law and who then practices or specializes in copyrights. Our attorney is licensed in California. Our attorney is a patent attorney and can practice as a copyright attorney. Importantly, Carson Patents has a limited practice in the areas of copyright registration and licensing. However, registering copyrights is not our primary practice area and the circumstances are limited under which we would offer to register your original works for you. It really is pretty easy to get your new original work registered yourself.

Patent Attorney help with Copyright Registration

Copyrights are Generally Do It Yourself (DIY)

For registering original works in the U.S., getting a copyright is easy, and you can do it yourself. You likely do not need a copyright attorney (lawyer) in order to get a copyright registration for your new original work. We suggest you register your own new original works. You can register your new original work in three easy steps. The first step is to compete the application. The second step is to pay the application fee. The third, and final, step is to deposit the work (if necessary).

For copyright licensing, you can also arrange licensing agreements yourself. However, our best recommendation is to seek legal counsel for licensing agreements. Copyright licensing agreements, like licensing agreements for patents and trademarks can get complicated in the terms fairly quickly. We recommend consulting legal counsel for copyright licensing agreements. We do provide copyright help with licensing agreements. Read about licensing agreement types.

We do offer free intellectual property consultations for all kinds of intellectual property (patents, trademarks, and copyrights). A free thirty minute consultation with our patent attorney to discuss your best next steps for copyright registration issues is available. For example, if you are wanting to copyright your website.

How to Register a Copyright

Help for registering a copyright for all types and kinds of original works is available online, but it is straightforward and easy to do yourself. Copyrighting new original works is not our primary practice (our inventor centric invention focused practice works primarily with patent applications). However, under certain limited circumstances our patent attorney may help you register your original works for copyrights. Please feel free to schedule a free copyright consultation online by video or voice call. We can also help with international registrations.

Free Consultation Scheduling Note: The appointment times available are those available on our patent attorneys active daily working calendar. While this provides assurances that our attorney will be available for the scheduled meeting time, it also means that the times open each day are different and change frequently. Appointments scheduled using our free copyright consult links are actively available and our attorney will meet with you on the day at the time you select. If you are checking for a particular day and time, consider contact us by call, text, or email to request a specific day and time.

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