What is a USPTO Registered Patent Agent? A patent agent is a patent practitioner, just like a patent attorney. A patent practitioner is a person who is licensed by the USPTO to represent inventors and prosecute patents. Specifically, a patent agent is a person who does prior art searching, patentability studies, application writing and filing, and follow up correspondence on patent applications. Looking for patent agent services – Remember only Patent Attorneys Lawyers and Agents can do patent prosecution – Hire us to find your USPTO Registered Patent Practitioner IP help.

About Our Patent Agent Greg.

Greg’s Education
  • Bachelor of Science, Biomedical Engineering. University of Iowa (1986) 
  • Master of Engineering, Biomedical Engineering. University of Iowa (1992) 
  • Juris Doctor, University of La Verne College of Law (2016)  
Greg’s Certification & License 
  • Project Management Institute [PMI] – Project Management Professional [PMP] –  Certificate Number 25,627. Current from 2000 through 2022 
  • United States Patent and Trademark Office [USPTO] – Registered Patent Agent, Registration Number 77,847       

Industry Experience.

  • Biomedical Engineering – over 30 years.
  • Software Engineering – over 30 years.
  • Construction Engineering – over 20 years. 
  • Electrical Engineering – 20 years.
  • Mechanical Engineering – over 20 years.

Invention and Patenting Areas of Experience. 

  • Construction Industry – Hospitals. 
  • Food Service Industry. 
  • Sports – Golf Industry. 
  • Software Patenting. 
  • Business Systems – software.
  • Medical Imaging – software and hardware.
  • Image Processing – software and hardware. 
  • Expert Based Model Systems – software.
  • Automated Systems – software.
  • Artificial Intelligence – software.
  • Security Devices (Wireless, Monitored) – software and hardware.

Confidential Services. 

All patent application and searching professional services at Carson Patents are CONFIDENTIAL. Available services include the following five areas. 

  1. Firstly, Prior Art and Patentability Searches. 
  2. Secondly, Opinions and Reports. 
  3. Thirdly, Patent Application Drafting Services.
  4. Fourthly, Application Filing Services. 
  5. Fifthly, Patent Prosecution Services. 

We offer and use encrypted email if desired. Just let us know that you would like us to use encrypted email.

All Welcome: Individuals. Private Inventors. Start-Ups. Enterprise Clients. Small Businesses and Large Corporations.

In addition, we are able to provide all of our services online. Also, we can be available to work on site with you. Contact us for a quote. Hire your own patent practitioner.

How to hire us to find USPTO Registered Patent Practitioner help.

How to hire Carson Patents? Need help? Call 909.215.9091

  1. Have an invention or idea. It is helpful to gather together the documentation that you have for your invention. This can be mere notes scribbled on a napkin. Or a completely documented invention notebook. With pictures. Any prior art search should be included.
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Patent Office Services – Remember only Patent Attorneys Lawyers and Agents can do patent prosecution – Hire us to find your USPTO Registered Patent Practitioner IP help.

Affordable Patent Agent – Practitioner – Patenting Services. 

We offer these five patenting services, and one speciality. All are available online. 

  1. Firstly, PRIOR ART SEARCHES. Patentability. Prior Art. Novelty. 
  2. Secondly, PATENT OPINIONS AND REPORTS. Clearance. Freedom to Operate. Opposition. Validity.
  3. Thirdly, PATENT APPLICATION WRITING. Writing. Drafting. Editing. Preparation of specification – description – claims – and drawings for patent applications.
  4. Fourthly, PATENT APPLICATION FILING. We can file your application for you. Provisional. Non Provisional. Utility. Design. Plant. US. PCT. International. 
  5. Fifthly, PATENT PROSECUTION. Responses to USPTO Office Actions. Examiner Interviews.
  6. Lastly, SOFTWARE PATENTING. Searching. Writing. Filing. Applying. Prosecution. Specifically for software invention patent applications.
USPTO Registered Patent Agent.

Find - Hire - Online Patent Help. Prior Art Searches. Patentability, Novelty, and Prior Art Reviews – Reports. Patent Application Writing Drafting Editing. Patent Prosecution. Find help here - hire our patents law firm office for your – invention or idea – remember only Patent Attorneys Lawyers and Agents can do patent prosecution – hire us to find patent practitioner help - Contact us online - carsonpatents.com - Call us - 909.215.9091 Get expert professional help with your invention or patent online. Contact Carson Patents, Software Experienced Biomedical Engineer - Patent Agent. Get a quote to help file - apply - and represent your idea and work with the USPTO for your invention. Confidential - Privileged Communication. Contact us to apply for the patent for your invention or idea. Online help searching drafting filing prosecuting USPTO and International Patent Applications is here. 

Looking for patent agent services – remember only Patent Attorneys Lawyers and Agents can do patent prosecution – hire us – find USPTO Registered Patent Practitioner IP help. Contact us. 909.215.9091.