About Carson Patents experience. About our Patent Practitioner, Engineer.

Invention and Patenting Areas of Experience.

  • Construction Industry – Hospitals.
  • Food Service Industry.
  • Sports – Golf Industry.
  • Software Patenting.
  • Business Systems – software.
  • Medical Imaging – software and hardware.
  • Image Processing – software and hardware.
  • Expert Based Model Systems – software.
  • Automated Systems – software.
  • Artificial Intelligence – software.
  • Security Devices (Wireless, Monitored) – software and hardware.

Industry Experience.

  • Biomedical Engineering – over 30 years.
  • Software Engineering – over 30 years.
  • Construction Engineering – over 20 years.
  • Electrical Engineering – 20 years.
  • Mechanical Engineering – over 20 years.

Software Coding, Patenting, and Consulting Experience Areas. 

  1. Digital and Electronic Business Systems. 
  2. Business and Process Automation. 
  3. Medical Imaging – Digital. 
  4. Image Processing – Digital. 
  5. Expert Based Model Systems.  
  6. Automated Systems.  
  7. Artificial Intelligence.  
  8. Security Devices (Wireless, Monitored). 
  9. Software Patent Specialist. 

About: Greg …

Gregory D Carson, USPTO Registration Number 77,847

We work with any kind or type of patent. Patents Engineer.

Greg, has many years experience with software and software patent applications.

Greg understands software, and software patent applications. He has a long history writing software applications. Greg has been working with computer software applications since the 1980’s. He wrote his first major software application as a part of his masters thesis in 1992. General Purpose X-Windows Medical Image Display Program, 1992, UNIVERSITY OF IOWAclick here to view his approved thesis paper.

Greg received a software patent in 2007 as a co-inventor. The patent is Data Entry, Cross Reference Database and Search Systems and Methods Thereof US7225197B2 – click here to view the patent. This patent is cited by 83 other patent applications to include patents from Apple, E-bay, Google, IBM, and Yahoo. Click here to view the complete list of citations.

Greg has experience with expert systems (model based) – an artificial intelligence technology. He has worked extensively with digital medical imaging systems in all modalities.

Greg’s Education
  • Bachelor of Science, Biomedical Engineering, University of Iowa (1986) 
  • Master of Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, University of Iowa (1992) 
  • Juris Doctor, University of La Verne College of Law (2016)  
Greg’s Certification & License 
  • Project Management Institute [PMI] – Project Management Professional [PMP] –  Certificate Number 25,627 – current from 2000 through 2022 
  • United States Patent and Trademark Office [USPTO] – Registered Patent Agent, Registration Number 77,847       
Greg’s Publications    
  • General Purpose X-Windows Medical Image Display Program, 1992, UNIVERSITY OF IOWA – click here to view the approved thesis paper.  This image manipulation application was used with an expert model (artificial intelligence like software) based medical image object detection application.
  • Experimenting with Feasibility of Telemedicine in Alaska: Success and Lessons Learned, 1996, TELEMEDICINE JOURNAL – together with a nurse and a doctor, we tried out several telemedicine solutions in remote areas of Alaska – click here to view the article.
Greg’s Patent – Database Technology | Search Technology
  • US 7,225,197 – Data Entry, Cross Reference Database and Search Systems and Methods Thereof, Issued May 29, 2007 – co-inventor US7225197B2 – click here to view the patent There is some interesting reading in the list of other database searching patent applications and patents that have referred to ours.
Greg’s Military Service 
  • United States Air Force Officer, 1986-1998 – 30% service connected disability 
Greg’s Experience 
  • Director of Clinical Engineering; Director of Facilities Management. Officer United States Air Force. Wilford Hall USAF Medical Group, San Antonio, Texas (1986 – 1988) 
  • Director of Facilities Management; Director of Clinical Engineering, Officer United States Air Force, 13th Air Force Medical Group, Clark AB, Luzon, Philippines (1988 – 1991)
  • Chief of the Development Directorate: Director of Technology Development, Officer United States Air Force, Development Directorate, 3rd Air Force Medical Group, Elmendorf AFB, Alaska (1992 – 1998) 
  • Contract Administrator/Project Manager, Municipality of Anchorage, Property and Facility Management, Anchorage, Alaska (1998 – 2000)
  • Chief Technology Officer, Municipality of Anchorage, Information Technology Department, Anchorage, Alaska (2000 – 2004)
  • Senior Project Manager, Alaska Land Mobile Radio Project Management Office, ISS Department of Defense Project Management Contractor – ALMR Program Management Office Anchorage, Alaska (2004 – 2005)
  • Senior Project Manager, Kaiser Permanente, National Facilities Services, Sunnyside, Oregon and Fontana, California (2005 – 2012) 
  • Law Clerk, Disability Rights Legal Center, Ontario, California and Student Mediator (2015)
  • Inland Fair Housing and Mediation Board, Ontario, California (2015)
  • Carson Patents, Rancho Cucamonga, California (2019) 

Recent Articles by Greg …

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