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Design Patenting Step 2: Writing

Patent application writing includes filing out all the right forms. However, application writing is mostly focused on two coordinated parts: [1] writing a specification and claims, and [2] creating any drawings needed to apply for a patent.

The second step in seeking patent protection for a design invention is writing the patent application.

The second step to patenting a design invention is patent application writing. Patent application writing includes filling out all the right forms. However, application writing is mostly focused on two coordinated parts. Firstly, writing a specification. And, secondly, creating any drawings needed to apply for a patent. 

Design Application Writing.

For a design patent, the specification is comprised of three sections: firstly, a preamble; secondly, a description; and thirdly, the ornamental design claim. The preamble section includes three sections: Firstly, the name of the applicant. Secondly, the title of the design. and optionally, thirdly a brief description of the nature and intended use. The description includes two sections: Firstly, a description of the figures; and secondly, a description of the distinctive features. There is only the one claim for the ornamental design as shown and described.

Design Application Drawings.

Design patent drawings are typically black and white line drawings. The figures show the design from the usual six orthogonal views and a single perspective view. The six orthogonal views are: firstly, top; secondly, bottom; thirdly, left; fourthly, right; fifthly, back; and, sixthly, front views. In addition, other views are possible if required.

Only use color drawings, and photos if required.

Patent Drawing Requirements.

Patent figures and flowcharts require proper labeling and numbering for clarity of reference and completeness of disclosure. Above all, these documents must be compliant with the submittal requirements of the patent office. 

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